Inspiration As Transformation

If the brain produces thoughts, and these are the result of stored information inside our neurons, how does anyone ever have a new idea? Why aren’t we constantly combining and recombining old information? New thoughts come to us from the mind, not the brain.

The most original new thoughts are called inspired; on the personal level seeing something new about yourself is called an insight. When you feel inspired, more than ordinary thinking is involved. There is a sense of being uplifted, of suddenly breaking through. At the moment of insight, there is an “aha!” that opens up new possibilities.

Old boundaries fall away, and one feels, if only for a moment, a rush of liberation. If the inspiration is powerful enough, one’s whole life can be changed. These are insights so potent that years of patterned behavior can change in an instant.

Some hidden intelligence seems to know when and how to transform us, often when we least expect it. By its nature, inspiration is transforming – it brings in spirit – and no model of the brain has come close to explaining how a cluster of neurons could transform itself.

Inspiration is the perfect example of how the invisible level of reality works. Whatever is needed is provided. A person may not be prepared to accept the insight, and therefore a chance for transformation will be missed. But that isn’t the essential point. The mind is greater than any individual. Your mind isn’t a computer; it is a living intelligence, and it evolves, which is why fresh insight is needed.

We’ve all met people whose problems are completely unnecessary, yet they lack the insight to find the solution. Insight and inspiration must be sought and then allowed to dawn. Inspiration teaches us that transformation must begin with trust that a higher intelligence exists and knows how to contact us.

Adapted from How To Know God, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2000).


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Thanks, Deepak :)

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marvelous description

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Uma Chernoff
Judith Shafer6 years ago

Trust is something that can't be awarded but must be proven. I trust my own high self because experience has shown me that my immortal self will act for my pleasure and well being. If that part of me allows painful or unpleasant experience I know I will grow from it. It's taken me a lifetime to reach this trust and the result is a confidence in my self and my instincts. The saying goes:"you don't have to believe everything you think" and that's where your answer lies. Ideas come from everywhere. You try them on and work through probable and possible results from following through on them . You try them on for size and see what fits comfortably and then you check them out. You change them and alter them to your pleasure. Our immortal perfect self that sits with the ALL THAT IS in consciousness knows it's unity with all the other parts and will never allow you to act in a way that is harmful to yourself or others. It's voice resides in the area you call your heart. In the area of the heart chakra. If you run all the ideas through it and pay attention to if it feels heavy or light you can't make mistakes. It's what people call their conscience and the word comes from consciousness. You ask your heart how will it be if I do this or that and it will respond by feeling heavy or light. If it feels light it's right no matter how impractical or wrong it may seem . If it's heavy DON'T DO IT. It's better to die with a light heart than live with a heavy one. That's how you know.

Sean K.
Sean K.6 years ago

I believe the appropiate question would be, Whose thought is whose ?
Or better yet, Whose thought does one follow ?
Trust is Free will, is it not ?

Uma Chernoff
Judith Shafer6 years ago

Radhika all of life is a miraculous part of the mind of the infinite CREATOR which I like to call the All That Is. It,(God), occupies all the space that is the creation, hence one of it's attributes is "Omnipresence". When we manifest ourselves in this dimension we, our eternal self, enters into agreements with other parts of God that choose, for the experience, to become parts of the bodies we will identify with and manifest through.These are also conscious parts of God as indeed all of creation. Upon death we separate from those groups of beings that have come together to make our miraculous bodies; they dissolve their groupings and go on to form other alliances and we withdraw our attention from this plane to the more quickly vibrating realities that we are projecting from like exploratory branches of a vine that is rooted in the fastest vibration, the source, God, call it what you will. All matter and energy is made of the same substance vibrating at different rates. Mind is the consciousness of God that is part of it's attribute called Omniscience; it is consciousness of all and souls are extensions of that one consciousness exploring and playing throughout the entire creation. So our miraculous brains are also made up of that godly soul stuff and have chosen to experiment with creation by entering into agreement with us.They too are mind projecting into different vibratory realities and upon dissolution seek different experience. God is all there is.

radhika r.
radhika r.6 years ago

Dear Sir, a new idea emerges when a new neuronal connection is formed in the brain. This biological connection results in a shift in perception (mind) Recent studies about the plasticity of human brain has given rise to better understanding about the age old brain-mind based questions. As you say mind is a living intelligence, so is the brain. Gone are the days when brain was thought of a rigid, unchanging machine. Thoughts are electrical impulses that intrinsically have no meaning but it is our conditioning (meanings that we are taught) that makes us see a meaning. The moment you learn as a child to give meaning to things gradually beliefs, concepts, ideas, frameworks are born which we call MIND. These frameworks change when a new perception emerges which you call insight. 'Insight' is again a concept, what has actually happened is a new neuronal connection formed in the brain and hence slowly the old connection will be used less. Since old pattern is not frequently seen you call the person transformed. Any drastic or gradual change in a person's behavior, or even thinking patterns will be shown in the person's brain map. There are several records of improved health and mind conditions which are miraculous because your BRAIN is a miracle. Brain can create phantoms, myths including a concept as a MIND. Love you loads.