Invoke Help from Birds

As we can invoke traditional angels to help us in any given situation, we can call on a specific bird whenever we feel we need the attributes of that bird’s message to help us through a particular point in our lives. What bird do you need? How do you call it? What if more than one comes?

An example of asking for a bird with a special attribute is, say, a situation arises where you need to be more trusting: sit quietly, close your eyes, and take three deep breaths to relax. Picture a cuckoo in your mind and ask the cuckoo to help you to be more trusting in that situation. Know that help is forthcoming, and then thank the cuckoo for its help.

Similarly, if you are needing strength in a given situation, call on an eagle in the same way; if you are needing to forgive someone, call on a hummingbird to help you; if you are needing to be more practical and grounded, call on an ostrich, and so on.

If you have difficulty visualizing a particular bird, or the bird whose help you require is not found in your country and you have no idea what it looks like, it doesn’t matter, because you can just call on that bird by name and you will receive the desired help–for example, “I call on a bulbul to help me be more ambitious.”

One doesn’t need to go into a great ceremony of lighting candles next to a picture of the bird you are invoking for help–all it takes is a simple and respectful request.

Birds that suddenly appear next to you or fly into your house are going to be those birds commonly found in your particular area. Every bird has a specific message, and the most pertinent message you need to hear at any given time will always be delivered in some way. If the bird with that message is not found in your area, then the bird will perhaps appear in a dream, or maybe even on a card that you have been sent.

The number of birds conveying a message at any given time should be taken into consideration. As a general guideline, when one, two, or three birds of the same species appear at the same time, it usually indicates one, two, or three different areas of our lives to which their message or keyword applies. But when more than three birds of the same species appear at any given time, it is usually just a reinforcement of the message, to hammer it home, so to speak.

Adapted from Birds, Divine Messengers, by Andrea Wansbury (Findhorn Press, 2006). Copyright (c) 2006 by Andrea Wansbury. Reprinted by permission of Findhorn Press.
Adapted from Birds, Divine Messengers, by Andrea Wansbury (Findhorn Press, 2006).


Bill and Katie D.
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Then we are thinking what about 30 of them right in the backyard all alike!?
We had this happen today just beautiful!
So pretty!
Thank You

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Bonnie M4 years ago

What an interesting article. I love our feathered friends. I know that crows are messengers- for good or bad. I've always considered the eagle as a guardian- to me, it is a powerful bird. Hummingbirds are a delight to watch, so fragile and beautiful;studied them for years and they have my respect. I started planting flowers to attract hummingbirds instead of feeding them the sugar mix.
Thank you - an eye opener for me.

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Thanks very interesting!

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Interesting but, I don't think birds will help!

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Fascinating and intriguing as birds are one of Nature's delights and gifts.