Jasmine: Heaven Scent Aromatherapy

The smell of jasmine transports me to moonlit summer nights with the soft, sensual scent of jasmine wafting through the night air. It is no surprise, given that in India jasmine is called “queen of the night,” because the scent is stronger after sunset. The scent is known to be comforting, calming, and certainly sensual, and I also always associate it with romance.

Try this homemade jasmine perfume formula to open the doors of romance, to calm, and uplift the mind. Known as a fertility oil, it is healing for sexuality and even known to ease the trauma of giving birth.

Cupid was known to tip his arrows with jasmine blossoms, to help inspire love and desire! Jasmine oil is also antidepressive, being mildly euphoric.
Make sure you buy a pure jasmine oil that is produced through the purest process, without the use of solvents. “Absolute” oils are those that derive the oil through solvent extraction rather than stream distillation. The purest jasmine oil of all is derived from the old-fashioned enfleurage process using oil extraction, traditionally made of animal fat.

To make a perfume add a few drops of pure jasmine oil to 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil, such as avocado or sweet almond. Stir to blend, and dab on your body.

By Annie B. Bond


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Thank you, Annie:)) Love Jasmine!

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It is a lovely scent and if you ever get to try jasmine flavored green tea do try it, its peace in a cup.

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Kathleen Carrier
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jasmine is a lovly scent, and the tea is out of this world.