Keeping Kitty Happy While You’re Away

Summertime is vacation time and we often leave our beloved felines alone in the house for a few days while we soak up some sun and sand. How to make sure the kitties are happy while we’re gone?

Here are several great, simple ideas that will make your cats purr!

As well as finding a trusted pet-sitter to care for your cat, you could also:

1. Fill special treat balls (available at pet stores) and hide them around the house. While you’re away, your cat can hone her predatory drive. She will focus on the hunt and not have the time or desire to destroy things out of boredom or anxiety.

2. Keep the radio playing on low. Some cats like jazz; others prefer talk radio.

3. Invite trusted neighbors or friends to stop by and play with your cat.

4. Telephone home twice a day and leave a friendly message for your cat on the answering machine. Sample: “Hey, Callie, how’s my good cat doing? You’re the No. 1 cat in the world. I’ll be home soon.” Be sure the volume on your machine is turned up so your cat can hear it.

5. Set the timer to turn on the television for 15 minutes. Set the channel to your cat’s favorite show–maybe the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet. Or play a video with birds flying cross the screen or mice scampering. Rent or buy Babe, That Darn Cat, or Homeward Bound.

Adapted from “50 Simple Ways to Pamper your Cat” by Arden Moore (Storey Books, 2000). Copyright (c) 2000 By Arden Moore. Reprinted by permission of Storey Books.
Adapted from “50 Simple Ways to Pamper your Cat” by Arden Moore (Storey Books, 2000).


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Good tips--good article.

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thanks for the ideas, though i don't have a physical answering machine anymore.

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Thanks for the info! someone can come and check on them would be better if that someone was someone the cat was already familiar with.

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Ah, yes, I remember when we had cats in the house, they preferred classical music though. I remember they were with us when my sons were into hip hop, which they hated even more than I did, especially at the volume that my sons liked playing it.

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Thanks for the article.

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