Keeping Bees Busy & Buzzing (Video)

Find out why bees are so critical to our food system and why they need our help.

5 Ways to Help Save the Bees
4 Tips for Bee Keeping
Bee-Friendly Landscaping

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Care member
Care member2 years ago


Winn Adams
Winn Adams3 years ago


susan k.
susan k.3 years ago

So true , Get the word out and make a differences This is all over the world become a beekeeper, every farm should have there own bee's.

Patricia H.
Patricia H.3 years ago

thanks for sharing

Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton3 years ago


Carolanne Powell
Carolanne Powell3 years ago

That reminds me, I must put that bee shelter/hive up. It is especially for our wild garden bees.

Edgar Zuim
Edgar Zuim3 years ago

We must protect the bees because they are an important means of pollination.

Angeles Madrazo
Angeles Madrazo3 years ago

Lets start today to do the right thing! thanks!

Melinda K.
Past Member 3 years ago

I hope we can all plant something locally that supports bees - lavender is a good bee friendly plant or something indigenous to your area that flowers.

Kye J.
michelle m.3 years ago

Protect the bees.