Kids Make Their Own Farmers’ Market (video)

Did you know that farmers’ markets are sprouting up in neighborhoods and communities all around? According to new research by the U.S department of Agriculture, the number has risen by 17 percent. This means that there are now about 7,175 locally sourced markets in the United States. But why should we choose farmers’ markets over conventional supermarkets? Here is a list of only a few great reasons:

  • Farmers’ markets are sourced by local farmers; this means we have access to the freshest, locally grown/raised fruits, veggies meat and dairy. Most of these markets are supplied by a community of farmers nearby, so you get your pick of seasonal foods straight out of the garden.
  • Farmers’ markets can easily fill a void in areas otherwise known as food deserts. They’re a great alternative since they’re mobile and can be set up anywhere.
  • When you shop at a local farmers’ market you are contributing to the local economy, this means that the money you’re spending is more likely to be spent locally thus strengthening the regional economy.
  • By supporting local farmers you support a system that provides jobs and opportunity for your community.
  • Lastly, farmers’ markets in many states are now adopting programs that support SNAP recipients. Many programs like Double up Food Bucks and Health Bucks are helping low-income families afford healthy, fresh produce.

So why not take a cue from these savvy kindergartners and learn how you can build your own farmers market in your community. Watch as the children plan, prepare and execute their own little market with a little help from their teachers and parents. Enjoy!

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We are fortunate where we live..There are Farmers Markets on different days and locations close to us every week to choose from. The produce, honey, and crafts are so abundant here... I think they need to be in every town... !!!!!!

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