Kill Wild Animals to Feed the Homeless and Poor?

This project is both a little difficult to believe and comprehend, but apparently The Sportsman’s Channel has a project, including a city tour, to bring wild game to hungry, needy people, including people at shelters. Of course helping people without means is unobjectionable, but why in such a particular, labor-intensive and animal-killing manner?

Todd Hansen, Chief Marketing Officer of the Sportsman Channel was quoted: “We’re thrilled to bring our Hunt.Fish.Feed.SM initiative, a program that in its first year provided thousands of the nation’s hungry with nutrient-rich meals, to the Los Angeles community, especially during an economic time that finds more and more people in need every day.”

The LA Times reported that the following animals were served to citizens at a local shelter: elk, deer, wild pig and black bear. Why shoot an elk or a black bear though, when you could spend the money used for gasoline, bullets, permits, beverages and other hunting gear, on some much more affordable produce from a local market? And avoid killing wild animals. There’s already a massive food production infrastructure available that generates tremendous volumes of affordable food. In others words, it’s much cheaper to support people in need by donating food purchased from a local market. Also, animal meat is not any more “nutrient-rich” than other foods. Kate Linthicum of the LA Times notes, “Vegetarians were out of luck.”

The project site has a link to a game processor locator, by state. Processing the game is a costly and inefficient way to feed as many hungry people as possible.

The project may feed some hungry people for one meal at each shelter on their tour, but it also smacks of self-promotion. In this case, the promotion of killing wild animals for sport.


Royce Patton
Royce Patton3 years ago

Hunters are going to hunt that's just the simple truth so why not feed the hungry. meats in stores are full of pesticides, growth hormones and other "surprise" ingredients, pink slime sandwich anyone? I wish I knew a hunter that would bring fresh game to me. You kill it, I'll cook it. I have a serious problem with government regulated food, you just never know what's in it. and apparently some of you people don't know about the horrid an inhumane conditions store bread meat is raised in. I think an animal has a way better life running wild and free before it gets to my dinner table. the animal is going to die eventually anyway, so it can feed hungry people or feed the vultures. letting every wild animal live to a ripe old age would breed all kinds of other problems like over population which could lead to having them venture into your neighborhood. now go google some of what happens when wild animals like bears come a wandering onto the playground. And for all the comments about their being "plenty of food" go tell that to the 1 in 3 American children that go hungry each and every day. Better yet why don't you go get another job so you can personally make sure they eat and when you bump into a hunter dragging an elk into a soup kitchen you can say, "never mind buddy, I got this"

Amator L.
Amator L.4 years ago

My family puts on a giant fish meal and feeds over 100 homeless families. Its all wild caught and better than what you buy in the supermarket.

What kind of jerk has a problem with feeding people organic good food? Primitive gardening is ok, but primitive hunting is somehow wrong? I would never stop you from being a vegetarian. Would you interfere with my right to hunt and feed my family?

We are all part of the cycle of life. Becoming civilized to some apparently means we should pretend we are not. That is the hypocrisy of the chequebook environmentalist.

Amator L.
Amator L.4 years ago

It is beyond me why anyone would object to this untainted source of extremely healthy free range food? Can someone give me a real world, logical objection? With such a bountiful land full of wildlife, this is an amazing gift to share.

Lydia L.
Lydia L.4 years ago

It is healthy, organic free range meat. Much healthier than the stuff they get in soup kitchens. Why would you deny the poor their role in the great wheel of life. This is so much better than the canned junk that is probably horsemeat they get.

Also, How do you think these animals die in the wild? Do you think they lie down and go to sleep? Really? They die of starvation due to dental issues or are eaten while still usually alive by predators. At least humans kill the prey first. Rich elitists that have no connection to the land objecting...

Veronique L.
Veronique L4 years ago

It's completely stupid!

Bridget M.
Bridget M.4 years ago

I'm pretty certain most of those in agreement with this article know very little about actual environmentalism or sustainability. I am an environmental science major, a gardener, and bow hunter. I worked in the deli of an organic food and health market. Hunting and foraging is actually way better for both humans and animals than just mass producing "vegetables" to feed the poor. And how much of the food that you rely on for nutrition as a vegetarian are non-native plants? How many of those invasive species led to the decimation of local wildlife and vegetation?

Please, educate yourselves before judging the hunters and providers that enabled your human species to flourish enough to develop the luxury of being a picky eaters.

Aimee A.
Aimee A5 years ago

Terrible! Thanks for posting!

Grainne O'Carroll
Grainne OCarroll5 years ago

Sadly, this is the reason I can't support charities that feed the poor - I need to know that my donations will not be used to buy meat or livestock. We shouldn't have to choose between helping people and avoiding animal cruelty; if charities only used healthy, vegetarian foods, I would be delighted to help. It's the same with many of the cancer research sites: I am all for finding a cure for cancer, but not at the expense of animals.