Kitten Cardio (Video)

Looks like these kittens have discovered some tried-and-true tips for getting fit: work out with a friend, don’t get discouraged, and if you fall, get right back on! We can’t wait until these cuties come out with their workout DVD.


Iniz Developer
Iniz Developer2 years ago

cats always looks stunning :*

Andeep Mahi
Andeep Mahi2 years ago

thanx for sharing video :)

Cmsdeveloper Navjot

its really funny

Parm Minhas
Parm Minhas2 years ago

luking so cute these

Eileen Mary P.
Eileen P.2 years ago

can't get the video to work.

Van M.
Vanda M.2 years ago

Just read at the bottom, not sure who these cats belong to but they are gorgeous(=^.^=)

Van M.
Vanda M.2 years ago

awwwww how cute are those two cats, they are thinking what happened to the floor why is moving,lol so adorable, they are both super cute^^ur lucky to have them as pets^^

dee j.
dee j.2 years ago

so cute !!! just sit down, and roll off, get back on, walk a bit, sit down, and roll off

Vicki vicki
Vicki maitland2 years ago

kittens are so much fun and we love watching them grow.

Elisa F.
Elisa F.2 years ago

: ) Thanks for Sharing.