Kitten Lullaby (video)

“So. Sleepy. But I looove this song!”

Cute Cuckoo Cats
Secret Kitten
Adorable Sleeping Puppy

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3 years ago

Sorry I couldn't listen to the whole thing...that music was nauseating!

Lynne B.
Lynne B.3 years ago

Like all babies, he was desperate for sleep but was fighting it. Lovely kitten.

Chaina N.
Neela Nelson4 years ago

Just want to pick up kitty and cuddle him/her in my arms.

Fran Baca
Fran B.4 years ago


Valerie G.
Valerie G.4 years ago

Just so love this, i had to come back!

Lyn N.
Neela N.4 years ago

That sleepy blk and white kitty is one of my most faves.

Puppies are adorable - BUT- kittens are to die for.

Patricia G.
Patricia G.4 years ago

Tuxedo cat is sleepy but pleased! :) Thank you.

Beth M.
Beth M.4 years ago

Got my cute kitten fix today!

Lucy Robinson
L.J. Robinson4 years ago

One of the most endearing videos that I've seen! ('course, I am a big cat lover, so?!)
Thanks for posting!

Valerie G.
Valerie G.4 years ago

Just had to come back!!! Soooo Adorable!
One of my favorite video!