Lavender For the Home: How-To

One of the most popular articles we’ve ever put on Care2 is “Lavender Linen Water.” People seem to have a natural inclination toward this sweet, woody aroma. Lavender has age-old housekeeping uses and gifts, but the whys and wherefores have longs since been lost as have so many of the old folkways. Here are some of those whys and wherefores about lavender with some formulas to put it into wonderful use:

Anti-Bacterial Spray
Lavender contains up to 50 percent of an ingredient called linalool which kills bacteria and viruses. Put 20 drops of pure essential oil of lavender in 1 cup of water, and spray the air, table tops, door knobs, etc., anywhere you would usually use a disinfectant.

Room Aromatherapy
Lavender contains esters and aldehydes that help to regulate your moods, and it is widely used by herbalists to treat depression. Place a few drops in a water vaporizer, or on a light bulb.

Lavender Tense-Muscle Massage Oil
Because lavender contains ingredients such as aldehydes that help to reduce inflammation, and it helps relax tense muscles. Add a few drops to 1 teaspoon of a good carrier oil such as olive or grapeseed (available in the health food store).

Lavender Linen Water

By Annie B. Bond


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