Lavender Linen Water

As far back as ancient Egyptian and Greek times, people used lavender, rosemary, tansy, and other herbs for cleaning.

They freshened their linens by placing fragrant sachets, herbs, and flowers in drawers and closets. Homes were “sweetened” with garlands of lavender and mint.

With this simple formula you can “sweeten” your linens, too, and if you aren’t sensitive to essential oils, even use it to freshen and uplift rooms.

Lavender Linen Water
2002 Snowdrift Farm, Inc.

Sprinkle on sheets or other other linens to freshen.
Spray onto linens before ironing.

1 teaspoon (100 drops) lavender essential oil
5-10 drops peppermint, spearmint or rosemary essential oil (optional)
2 oz. 80+ proof vodka
24 oz. distilled water

Pour essential oils and vodka into a bottle, cap and shake to emulsion.
Mix with distilled water.

The mix will cloud, and eventually separate.

Shake well before each use.

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