Lemonís Aromatherapy Gifts: Dusting How-To

Dusting is usually a dark and dingy job, but you can clear your mind and even prepare for a romantic Valentineís date (who knew lemon oil is an aphrodisiac?) by combining lemon aromatherapy oil with your dusting rag.

Open your heart while you clean, and learn more about this astonishing oil that is a top-note fragrance, one of the lightest in aromatherapy, and associated with Venus and Neptune, here:

The aromatherapy attributes of lemon oil.

1. Cleanser, detoxifier
2. Antiviral
3. Refreshing
4. Clearing
5. Lightens and refreshes
6. Unburdens the mind
7. Uplifts heart and mind.
8. Helps open the heart.
9. Preserver of good health

Light and Lemony Dusting Cloth
10 drops pure essential oil of lemon
2 tablespoons jojoba or olive oil

Combine the oils, dip a soft, recycled cotton cloth into the oil, and use it for dusting.

Inspired by Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit, by Gabriel Mojay (Inner Traditions, 1997).


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Thank you for posting.

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Dale Overall

Wonderful, nothing quite like the versatile lemon-both tasty and practical!

wchi wink
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Lemon E.O. is one of my favorite and so versatile! But caution using it in the sun, as it is photosensitive for your skin....
I like the dusting cloth recipe - i'll try it!
I put 6 drops Lemon E.O. in my cider vinegar hair rinse....
It's also an important ingredient in "Theives Oil"

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lemons rule!

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Thank you for sharing.

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