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Less Common Pets

Royal Hamster is Tucked in Every Night (Video)

Have trouble sleeping? Here's a how-to video about how to help. We're kidding, but we're also wishing we had this hamster's hotel perks ... Related 5 Worrisome Dog Breeds This Vet Wouldn't Mind …


Micro Pig Absolutely Loves Tummy Rubs (Video)

Who wants to see a micro pig getting tummy rubs? Um, everyone! Watch this little stinker get unlimited pets (and give back unlimited snorts). Related Want to Give Up Bacon? Pet a Pig Baby Goat …


Sleeping Pig Wakes Up for a Cookie (Video)

We finally learned how to wake up a giant, cozy, sleeping pig: dessert. Watch this cutie peek out from under the covers, but only for his beloved cookie. Related Is it Calamari or Pig Bung? Bi…


5 Best Viral Pet Videos of 2014

We've laughed, been amazed and even cried at some of this year's viral animal videos. As 2014 comes to a close, we're taking a look back at some of our favorites, including clips that had an astronomi…


How Seizure Alert Dogs Become Unstoppable Service Animals

Seizure alert dogs are specially trained to help individuals who have epilepsy or a seizure disorder. They can warn a person of an impending seizure hours before the person has clinical signs of a sei…


Bitsy & Bean: A Little Girl and Her Pig (Video)

Bitsy the pig was nursed back to health when she was very young. She's been part of the family ever since. Watch this little girl's amazing reaction to Bitsy's playfulness. Her giggles and beaming…


5-Year-Old Sneaks Pet Cow into House, Tries Lying to Mom About It (Video)

A little cow mysteriously ended up in the house. This pet-loving five-year-old obviously has nothing to do with it. Watch her adorable conversation with Mom as she tries to worm her way out of getti…


Tiny Hamster Eats Mini Thanksgiving Feast with Friends (Video)

Happy Thanksgiving! Get in the holiday spirit by watching these furry friends feast on the tiniest Thanksgiving dinner you've ever seen. Related Health Benefits of Having Less Common Pets: Fish,…


Raccoon Hates Cold Weather, Refuses to Leave His Blanket (Video)

Buster was brought to these kind pet parents with severe injuries. They nursed him back to health, but he was too injured to return to the wild. He now obviously lives a very pampered and happy life…


Boston Terrier Snuggles With Guinea Pig (Video)

Oscar the Boston Terrier and 13-week-old Cinnamon Spice the guinea pig enjoy a nice cuddle session. Young Cinnamon even gets a big sloppy kiss from her BFF. By Laura Cross | More…


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