Let the Miracles Begin (Video)

Wow. Launch week was awesome! It was wonderful to connect with so many of you in Connecticut and New York. I was overwhelmed by the turnout at both events and Iím psyched to raise the roof again this week in SF and LA. Throughout the May Cause Miracles book tour Iíll also be speaking in Miami, Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto and London!

For the next six weeks Iíll be sharing videos that will guide you through each chapter of May Cause Miracles. In todayís vlog I talk about Week One: Becoming Miracle Minded. This video will emphasize the message from A Course in Miracles which says, ďMy thoughts are images I have made.Ē As you begin to take responsibility for your thoughts youíll experience miraculous shifts the moment you become willing to change your mind. Week One of May Cause Miracles will set those shifts in motion.

If you want further guidance on your May Cause Miracles journey I invite you to join me in NYC or on Livestream/phone for my 6-week course dedicated to each chapter of the book. The course begins this month and the details are here.

Let the miracles begin!

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Thanks Gabby.

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Looking forward to more videos about the book. Thanks!

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Thank you for the positivity. I look forward to future videos.

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