Life-Affirming Flowering Bulbs – How To

In winter, often a cold, dark time of year, we can all use a few reminders that the world isn’t dead, only sleeping, and that spring will eventually return.

One way to give friends and loved ones just such a cheering reminder is by giving flowering bulbs. Amaryllis and narcissus are so easy to grow indoors; with a just the bare minimum of care and attention they will bloom as if by magic, even if the snow outside our doors is knee-deep!

Even if you allow an amaryllis to wither away completely, you can cut the dead leaves off, put the bulb in a dark corner, and forgot all about it. Even a year later, you can take it out and water it—and watch amazed as it literally rises from the dead. What a great affirmation of the power of life!

You can buy single amaryllis bulbs for anywhere between $8 and $15. Follow the instructions that come with it, or simply place in a pretty container in a good potting soil and keep moist.

Narcissus bulbs, available for around $2 each, are lovely in groupings. Anchor five or six of them in a layer of pebbles inside a shallow bowl and keep the bowl filled with water. Most bulbs will begin to show green within a few days and will flower within weeks.

Adapted from Keeping Life Simple by Karen Levine (Storey Books, 1996). Copyright (c) 1996 by Storey Communications, Inc. Reprinted by permission of Storey Books.
Adapted from Keeping Life Simple by Karen Levine (Storey Books, 1996).


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LMj Sunshine

Thank you for info.

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Amaryllis my favorite.

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Excellent article. Love it. Thanks.

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It is an amazing gift to give to people that are house bound or don't have a garden....flowering bulbs can bring so many smiles and can be planted in a pot for next year-s flower.

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This sounds like a fun project to get my kiddos involved in. They love trying to grow things. We grew a lot of tomato plants last summer, and my 6 year old son still talks about it nearly everyday. Thank you!

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