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7 Eco-Destinations for Spring Break

Spring break offers a great opportunity to spend a week or so exploring some beautiful landscapes and getting closer to Nature. Here are 10 destinations that are all within or near the U.S., that will…


Great News: Amur Leopard Population Doubles

My 10-year-old daughter did a school report on Amur leopards a few years ago and ever since then, this stunningly gorgeous cat has been her favorite animal. But with her love and admiration for this b…


8 Less-Famous Relatives of Your Favorite Animals

Why are some animals more famous than others?††Is it better PR? Are they cuter and more cuddly? Whatever the reason,††there are plenty of fascinating animal species out there that deserve recognition.…


8 Of America’s Oldest Places

Though the United States has yet to see its 250th birthday, people have been inhabiting the land for thousands of years.†From ancient cities to colonial parks, read on to discover some of†the oldest p…


What Living Abroad Taught Me About How to Dress

There is a very powerful trope of how the French dress: striped shirt, beret, scarf, and black clothes. Although I didnít own a beret, I packed my bags with an eye towards fitting in, and a vague hope…


11 Ways Carless Transit Improves America’s Future

According to the pundits and prophets who dominate the media, the future of transportation is all figured out for us. Cheaper gas prices mean we can still count on our private cars to take us everywhe…


Do Men Drive Too Much?

U.S. vehicles traveled 2,988,777,000,000 miles last year. It looks like the generation that is coming of age in the 2000s is less interested in cars than their elders, which might mean that we have…


How to Avoid Hitting Animals While Driving (Without Putting Yourself In Danger)

When driving, how far would you go to avoid hitting an animal? This week a novice driver in Utah was forced to answer that question when a raccoon suddenly appeared on the road. To avoid hitting th…


10 Worst New Year’s Resolutions (And How to Make Them Work)

New Year's resolutions have been around a long time. Some of us make them half-heartedly, some of us do it with great purpose. Few of us actually achieve our goals by the end of the year. Maybe it's b…


The 4 Yuckiest Tourist ‘Attractions’ in America

People might flock to the Grand Canyon or Notre Dame to experience great beautyóbut, as any elementary-schooler can attest, total grossness can also draw a crowd. Fox News lists the most disgusting to…


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That guy has true animal magnetism! Gorgeous puddy cat!

You may not believe it right away but just think about all those fruit and meat combinations in reci…

Awesome article. I hardly ever brush my teeth and they are fairly yellow. After reading this I grabb…

Sounds great, I want to try these. Thanks!

Good information but please proof-read. "Tackling a natural regiment" makes no sense at all. Cheers.