Lighting Up the Holiday

From celebrating the birth of Jesus, whom many call the light-bringer, to lighting the Hanukah menorah or the Kwanzaa candles, to honoring the winter solstice after which the days finally begin to lengthen, this winter season could rightfully be called a festival of lights.

Light up your spirit, your heart, and the hearts of others! Think of all the words about light that fill us with hope: radiant, brilliant, glowing, warm. It is a special joy to imagine light-filled celebrations taking place throughout the world.

Here we include directions for making your own candles, luminaries to line your driveway, why to light your home with the brilliance of beeswax, and much, much more. Itís all here:

Seven Easy, Energizing Ways to Light Up the Holidays

How to Make Handmade Luminaria

Make Safe Candles Yourself

Make Pretty Paper Covers for Votive Candles

Brilliant Beeswax Candles: Natural Air Purifiers and More

By the Care2 Staff.


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