Lilies: Deadly for Cats

Beware of a popular plant this spring season that may be fatal to your cat. Members of the plant genus Lilium including Easter lilies, Tiger lilies, Rubrums, Japanese show lilies, Stargrazer lilies, and Daylilies can be very toxic to felines, causing kidney damage and even death. All parts of the plants are toxic, and a cat can become ill even after chewing on one leaf.

Cats are unique in their susceptibility to lilies. Dogs, rabbits, and rats do not seem to suffer the same toxic effect from the plants. Dogs may experience minor digestive upset if they ingest lilies, but not renal damage.

Cats who are suffering from lily toxicosis will generally start vomiting within two to six hours of ingestion and stop eating. Vomiting may cease for a period but then generally resumes within 24 to 72 hours of ingestion.

It is important to get veterinarian attention as soon as possible if a cat has ingested a toxic lily plant. Postponing treatment for longer than 18 hours can often end in kidney failure or death.

For a broader list of plants and foods that are toxic to pets, click here.

Source: ASPCA



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thanks. lilies are my favorite flower. my cat stays in.

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but mother in laws tongue was named that because it paralyzes!

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Flowers are really beautiful and they can add a touch to the home interiors,but for animal lovers like us, we can maybe switch alternatives like Snake plants(aka Mother in Law's tongue), Aloe vera plants that really cleans up the air in homes and also it is beneficial for not only our healths and also our beloved animals.
So why not make a switch?

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If we care about our pussie, pay attention to possible dangers

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