Lion Meat Tacos on Menu in Arizona

Another Arizona restaurant — this time Boca Tacos y Tequila — has decided to take orders for lion meat. Their price for one lion meat taco  is $8.75. Last year, a Mesa restaurant named Il Vinaio served lion meat burgers as a promotion during the World Cup. Eating lion meat has nothing to do with soccer, so it seemed to clearly be a cheap, crude publicity stunt. So many people called in with disapproving comments and sent similar email messages that the restaurant ceased serving lion. The negative press also may have incited a fair number of one star Yelp reviews, which have apparently continued. (If you are not familiar with Yelp, it is one of the biggest restaurant review sites, with content written by actual customers.)

Boca Tacos y Tequila may be in for a similar storm of contempt. Already a blogger is calling for University of Arizona students to boycott the restaurant. He says he believes the lion meat will come from cubs, not adults as the meat from them will be tougher.

The restaurant’s owner appeared to admit the lion tacos he intends to serve are just a publicity stunt, like the lion meat burgers at the Mesa restaurant. “I’m doing the African lion to get my name out. I’ve never tried it myself, but this one really caught my eye,” said Bryan Mazon (Source: Arizona Star) They have also been serving python, rattlesnake, elk, alligator, turtle, duck, and frog legs for Exotic Taco Wednesdays. Why anyone needs an exotic taco is beyond reasoning, and seems like nothing but a ploy to manipulate public interest.

Mr. Mazon says half of his customer base is students and that the lion meat tacos will draw in more. It has been reported the lion meat will come from a meat distributor in Perris, California, east of Los Angeles.

Somehow raising lions in captivity and selling them for meat is legal, though it seems like one of the most cringeworthy and repulsive activities there is. Meanwhile, wild lions in Africa are experiencing a dramatic decline due to habitat loss, poisonings, and poaching.

To people who eat lion meat, such a fact might sound like “tree-hugging,” but it isn’t. Even the mainstream media program 60 Minutes broadcast a special on the mass poisoning of lions.

So is Congress listening to the news coming out of Arizona, and will any member there ever propose legislation to ban this reprehensible trade in lion meat?

Image Credit: wwarby

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Tracey Gordon

When will people understand that according to the food chain there are some predators you just don't eat....words fail me as the stupidity, cruelty of this "fad"...

Melanie Andrus
Melanie Andrus4 years ago

Good God! I thought this was ended months ago!!! What idiots still think this is a good idea?? WHERE is the legislation to STOP it??? Jane, listen to Gianna!

Tim Cheung
Tim C.5 years ago


Gianna M.
Gianna Macias5 years ago

What we are talking about here is not feeding the hungry, $8 plus for a taco is a rip off. This is about making MONEY.

Gianna M.
Gianna Macias5 years ago

Jane is stupid. There is NO WILD ANIMAL OVERPOPULATION, the problem is that their homes are reduced, on the other hand, we do have a HUMAN OVERPOPULATION. So.......

Gianna M.
Gianna Macias5 years ago

If the moron, half witted owner of the restaurant thinks this a good publicity stunt, why, not offer a sauce made with HIS OWN BLOOD. To ABUSE lions or any other animla for money IS WRONG. I hope the good people of Arizona boicot the restaurant and other business associated to them, suppliers of sodas, services, whatever and let this THING OF A PERSON find out what they think about this.

Jane R.
Jane R.5 years ago

I don't condone the killing of endangered species for food but when there is an overpopulation of a certain animal, instead of just killing them off, let them feed the hungry. As far back as the caveman, humans have eaten meat. Lions, tigers, leopards,, etc. are meat eaters. You can't turn them into vegans. Humans are meat eaters also. If you choose to be vegetarian you have to eat a protein rich food to make up for the loss of eating meat. Doesn't this tell you something? Humans are meant to eat meat just as some animals are. A lion, tiger or leopard would not survive if feed a vegetarian diet. As a person who wants a full range of diet, this includes meat. Sorry, but the human race did not evolve eating only veggies. I think over half of you out there claiming to be vegans eat meat daily. Who really cares? Eat what your body needs and forget what people might think. Humans are carnivors and have always been so. People eat squirrels,rabblits, dove, turkeys,deers, cows, pigs, etc. so whats wrong with eating lions?

Michelle Sibinovic
Michelle S.5 years ago


harriet s.
Heather M.5 years ago

This is repulsive! The U of A students should not only boycott the restaurant but picket out front and shame people from going inside. Come on, Wildcats, step up and show the rest of the world what a group of college students can do! Stop that restaurant from serving lion!!

Jan W.
Jan Whiteley5 years ago

How can this be allowed to happen. There should be a total ban on all wild animal imports into the US so that there is no breeding for the future. All the wild animals at present in captivity should be given to sanctuaries where they can live their lives in peace and increase their numbers in the right environment. What right do we have to decimate an already decreasing population of this magnificent animal. AND IT IS TIME TONY THE TIGER WAS RELEASED FROM THE TRUCK STOP IN LOUISIANA WHERE HE HAS BEEN FOR TEN YEARS AS A ROADSIDE ATTRACTION FOR THE OWNER. THE ANIMAL IS SUFFERING.