Living in Grace

Grace is the effortless flow of existence that comes when you are living in harmony with life, when the rhythms of your body-mind are in sync with nature’s rhythms. To live in grace is to experience that state of consciousness where things flow and your desires are easily fulfilled. Grace is magical, synchronistic, coincidental, joyful. It’s that good-luck factor. And how do you live in grace? It’s simple. Just allow the universe to flow through you without interfering.

In the speck of DNA that created your body is the intelligence that informs you that you are an ancient being. This intelligence has infinite organizing power because it’s the same intelligence that orchestrates the movement of the cosmos. One hundred trillion cells instantly communicate with one another in every moment. These one hundred trillion cells came out of one living cell born of information from two cells, and they only had to multiply 50 times to create all the cells in your body.

Knowing all this, treat your body with reverence and take care of it. Nurture your body with loving attention.

Let your body dance with the universe. Let go of all constriction and tightness in your consciousness so that your body can relax into the rhythms of the universe. Move your body, exercise your body, and keep it moving. The more you dance with the universe, the more joy, vitality, energy, creativity, synchronicity, and harmony you will experience. And when your body asks for rest and renewal, listen to its voice.

To experience and practice grace:

  • Listen to your body’s wisdom.
  • Maintain inner-body awareness at all times.
  • Pay attention to the rhythms and cycles of your body-mind.

Adapted from Power, Freedom, and Grace by Deepak Chopra (Amber Allen, 2006).


Elisa F.
Elisa F3 years ago

Terrific :) Thanks for sharing.

Edvanir L.
Edvanir L4 years ago

Beautiful. Thank you. I'm have to try it.

Laura Fulmer
Laura Fulmer4 years ago

Thank you, this is a good thought to have for the day.

Fiona T.
Past Member 4 years ago

We have to feel good about ourselves to live well.

J.L. A.
JL A4 years ago

worth remembering

Heather M
Heather Marvin5 years ago

Grace covers a multitude of sin.

heather g.
heather g5 years ago

Thank you, Deepak, that was a very uplifting read....

irfan d.
Irfan d5 years ago

Brilliant insight ! treat your body with reverence! Wah!

Gaby D.
Gaby D5 years ago

You make me feel like dancing.............:-) Thank you Deepak....will do!! That is a book I do not have on my wish list yet!! Namaste!

Heather M
Heather Marvin5 years ago

Beautifully thought out and written Deepak. And every life matters.