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Digital Dating: Swiping Off the Screen and Into Real Time

A friend recently asked me to check out his online dating profile. He'd been on the site for months, but so far wasn't having much luck and hoped I could help pinpoint why. I scanned his profile and c…


5 Ways to Rebuild Trust After It’s Broken

"I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you." — Friedrich Nietzsche Laurie and Frank were high school sweethearts. They married young because Laurie became preg…


Is Your Partner OK? Spot the Signs of 4 Mental Illnesses

Don't blow off odd or troubling behavior just because it's someone you know and love. Every day, we hear endless tragic news stories about people killing and abusing family members, co-workers or…


What Are the Meaning of Flowers? (Infographic)

Sending flowers is a wonderful gesture that will brighten most anyone's day. Whether it is for a special occasion or just a small act of kindness, bouquets and arrangements are a universal way to show…


How to Balance the Brain, Heart and Gut to Make Better Decisions

It’s no secret that we live in an over-intellectualized society and try to make decisions only from our heads. We like data, facts and logic when it comes to making decisions. And yet, sometimes we do…


How to Use Empowering Thoughts For Better Online Dating

Online dating is a great way to meet a lot of single people, yet some people seem extremely frustrated by it. Why is that? Could it be they are not doing it right, or perhaps their mindset is throwing…


Narcissists Are Just Extremely Needy People, According to Study

They need you almost as much as they need to tell everyone about how great they are. Everybody knows a narcissist, but not everybody has a parent who's one. My mother is a huge narcissist — she m…


Why Women Seek Other Women as Life Partners as They Age

Women crave affection and soulful friendships, not necessarily sex. One of the most convenient words today is "partner." When used in context to gay marriage, it really removes the awkwardness of h…


7 Reasons Being Single Makes You Healthier

Being in a relationship just to be in a relationship isn't a good enough reason, no matter how badly you need to feel "complete," or fill that facet of your life. Astroglide's resident sexologist, …


Why Finding the Right Birth Control is Key to Good Sex

Not quite ready for the pitter patter of little feet? Turns out, birth control — when used correctly — does more than delay your dance with dirty diapers and midnight feedings. It also allows you t…


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Very common sensical tips! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks so much for sharing!

A bit of silliness. Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, already knows that dining in is less costly t…

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