Loveologist Radio: Because it Feels Good

As one of the most well-respected sex educators in the country, Debby Herbenick, Phd has answered thousands of sex-related questions from people across the country, as well as acting as the primary responder to literally thousands of questions at the Kinsey Institute. Her new book, Because It Feels Good: A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction is smart and sexy, and a worthy handbook for anyone’s sexual education library because the basic premise is that sex can and should  feel good. Her focus on healthy pleasure and her enlightening discussion of libido and anatomy provides the knowledge that most of us are missing to create more satisfying intimacy.

This week on Lunch With the Loveologist with Wendy Stragr, Debby Herbenick answers questions about sexual health and unlocking the mysteries of sexual pleasure. Her intelligent, thoughtful and down to earth responses have made the Kinsey website the place to go for the authoritative answers we are all searching for.  Don’t miss this enlightening conversation sure to create more satisfying intimacy for all…

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Dale O.

A fascinating topic. Several insightful comments as well.

Puzzling is why some who find sex so "disgusting" comments continually on how "disgusting" it is in many of the articles on sex. If the topic is so off putting, why read it? Just to tell us that it is "digusting?"

Patricia H.
Patricia H.4 years ago

thanks for sharing

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia4 years ago

i have allowed myself to become sexually liberated despite my religious and old-fashioned upbringing. sex can be as emotional-less for a woman if she so choices and not afriad of embracing and understanding lust. i have experienced plenty of "detatched" sex, meaning i had plenty of hook-ups and would only sleep with a dude until he bored me, which didnt take long and many times rarely acknowedged that he had a name. because i experienced these lower-level type sex i have been able to established a stronger bond to my girlfriend. im not saying all women can do this, i probably had an easier time doing this because im gay but i think sometimes a woman should just summit to her lust, guard her heart and see how much deeper and beautiful love is once it comes around

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia4 years ago

Charles E. have you or your wife ever considered that she's a deeply-closeted lesbian? seriously, a lot of women have been sexually abused/raped (myself included) and still have happy sex lives, esp after meeting someone they love. the fact that your wife treats sex like a chore speaks more of a woman that is out of touch with her sexuality instead of a victim, not that im doubting that she isnt one, a victim treats sex very differently almost as if they are being invaded or violated

Jane Barton
Jane Barton4 years ago

I haven't sampled any of those "violent" atheist men yet, only the nonviolent nice ones. Since you have so much more experience with atheist men your opinion rules at this time. Atheists are quite the minority at this time. Catholic/Christians are the majority. My lifetime experience has been with Catholic/Christian men and I've met thousands of them, had sex with a few and 100% have the qualities I mentioned, hypocrites, egotistical, lack of empathy, mean, greedy, thieves, no integrity, weiner wandering (like Newt Gingrich), small genitalia (black men are large). I'm continuing to date and will get back to you with more info. I won't go near any white men who have a history of KKK membership, hunt for fun, are short, fat and bald and brag about their money and how they abuse animals. I'm sure I'll find some of the violent, raping atheists if I search far enough. Thanks for the suggestion.

Tim Cheung
Tim C4 years ago


Chad A.
Chad Anderson4 years ago

Thank you for yet another wide-ranging and provocative discussion.

Alexandra R.
Alexa R4 years ago

Oops! Spelling mistake!

It should read:


Alexandra R.
Alexa R4 years ago

Jane B. So in your opinion the athiest men who were brought up athiest, who rape, control, abuse, etc women are allowed to because they do it 'authentically' and not with religion at its root?

I unfortunately know personally too many athiest men with athiest upbringings(men who reject ALL religion as violently as you do) yet they rape, control, abuse, etc women. So you cannot pretend with me or hope to get away with saying it is only religious men that have these cruel tendencies.

Jane Barton
Jane Barton4 years ago

I notice that all these "experts" who write about sex always skirt around the root cause of sexual repression of women, RELIGION. ALL religions were made up by MEN to "control" women, "own" women and "use" women. Face it, to this day women are still second class citizens. Once a man has sex with a woman he feels like he "owns" her and tries his best by brainwashing or violence to keep her from having sex with other MEN. Women have bought into this since time began and limit their sexual activities because they don't want to be called a WHORE. Sex is the most important part of every human, yet religions act like it doesn't exist. For example the Catholic celibacy rule. For CHRIST'S sake it's humanly IMPOSSIBLE for a male to be "celibate". Men drop a load involuntarily in their sleep. These
religions are all INSANE. All these articles tell women to just "let go". That's bullshit, they
CAN'T let go, they've been brainwashed from childhood and that religious crap is in their subconscious mind for LIFE. Ask any psychiatrist or any REAL doctor.