Loveologist Radio: Love and Intuition

Intuition is a close sister to our loving relationships. Learning how to tap into and trust your intuition can change the face of your relationship to yourself and others.  This conversation with Sherri Dillard provides deep insights and provocative thinking into the invisible spaces that connect us, it provides an intuitive perspective on love and relationships.

With over 20 years experience working as a professional psychic and medium,  Sherrie’s new book, Love and Intuition, offers both a deep look at the lessons our relationships provide and sound advice and exercises to develop your own intuition and grow your loving relationships. In addition Sherrie has taught classes and workshops, both nationally and internationally, on the life-enhancing aspects of intuition development. She has been featured on national television for her work as a psychic detective and taught intuition and spirituality classes at Duke University.

Join us in this riveting conversation about tapping into the power of universal love and accessing your own intuitive abilities for a more satisfying and loving life.

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Thanks for the article Wendy

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Very interesting.

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I certainly would love to take one of Sherrie's Spirituality courses at Duke University.

And so true Wendy. It's great to hear your views.

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Love doesn't exist!

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love love love

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