M is for Make a Bag And Use It

Each year the U.S. uses 84 billion plastic bags, a significant portion of the 500 billion used worldwide. They are not biodegradable, and are making their way into our oceans, and subsequently, the food chain.

Here’s a pattern to knit your own shopping bag.

What other “M”-things can you do to protect the earth?

Get more Eco-ABC’s here.

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Jo Recovering
Jo S.7 months ago

Thanks Ronnie.

Jo Recovering
Jo S.7 months ago

Thank you Ronnie.

Nimue Pendragon
Nimue Pendragon2 years ago

I have a dozen calico bags I use for shopping, thanks :)

Marta W.
Marta Weiss5 years ago

I bought one cloth bag and now I'm taking it with me everywhere I go. I like putting my shopping in it cause it looks so nice :D

Merelen Knitter
Merelen Knitter5 years ago

I've been collecting my plastic bags with the intention of knitting them into a shopping bag. I've got a few patterns to consider, and I'm excited to give my plastic bags new life.

lorraine c.
lorraine c.5 years ago

I use cloth bags but will soon switch to homemade, machine-washable, acrylic crocheted bags. Every little bit helps.

Monica D.
Monica D.5 years ago

That is, "each year"!

Monica D.
Monica D.5 years ago

What an horrendous number of plastic bags are used each yeat - 500 billion. Anything that reduces this number is a good idea.

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B.5 years ago

Thanks for the info

Abby Ford
Abby Ford5 years ago

great now I don't have to spend as much trying to get reusable bags thanks.