Make Candles from Citrus Fruits

By Sara Novak, Planet Green

There’s nothing more fresh than the deliciously tart smell of citrus peels grinding in the garbage disposal. Imagine that wonderful crisp smell in the form of a candle? Now you can. These simplistic yet adorable little candles are easy to make at home.

Here’s what you’ll need:
Organic citrus fruits like lemons and oranges
Small knife
Wick material
Cooking pot
Tin can
An essential oil


  1. Cut the fruit in half and scoop out all of the pulp evenly.
  2. Carve out a small hole, whatever shape that you like, in the middle of the lid (the top part of the citrus peel).
  3. Use a needle to thread the wick through on the bottom so that you do not create too large of a hole.
  4. Tie the end of the wick off with a tiny knot.
  5. Melt the beeswax using a double boiler. Make the double boiler with the cooking pot on the outside and the tin can on the inside, pouring the water in the cooking pot.
  6. Once the wax has melted, pour the wax in the citrus bowl that you just made, holding the wick straight up.
  7. Add a drop of essential oil.
  8. Let the candle set and then place the lid back on top.

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