Make Mine a Grease Car

If you have a diesel car, you can convert it to one that runs entirely on leftover vegetable oil that would otherwise be thrown away by your friendly neighborhood greasy spoon. Even non-diesel cars can be converted to run on biodiesel-spiked fuel. Clean-burning and non-polluting, biodiesel fuel may be the wave of the future. Find out more about grease cars and biodiesel fuel here:

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By the Care2 Staff.


Duane B.
.3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Stella Gamboni
Stella Gamboni3 years ago

My friend has a Volvo diesel that he runs on used cooking oil he collects from local restaurants. It takes a little work to filter it and it creates as much CO2 as regular diesel fuel but his exhaust smells like fried chicken.

Kathleen Cazander


Terry V.
Terry V.4 years ago


Jonathan Harper
Jonathan Harper4 years ago

Seems bizarre but true

Debra Griffin
Missy G.4 years ago

God knows that with our country being a fast food country
This might be a great fuel source

Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton4 years ago

Great use for spent vegetable oil.

Jennifer C.
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Eco M I A MoonWalk Again

thanks for article

KS Goh
KS Goh4 years ago

Thanks for the article.