Make Your Own Dairy-Free Yogurt

Making your own dairy-free yogurt is easier than you think.† You donít need any expensive equipment or yogurt makers either.† Just use a ceramic crock or bowl (metal interferes with the natural culturing process).† I use a 1-1/2 quart white ceramic crock with a lid that comes with a slow cooker.† I donít use the slow cooker as most of them create excessive heat that would kill the delicate probiotics used in yogurt-making but the crock is affordable and a great size for yogurt-making.† But any crock with a lid or a bowl with a clean towel to cover it will do. Youíll also need a high quality dairy-free probiotic powder.

The process works well with organic soy milk or coconut milk.† Donít use soy unless itís certified organic since most soy is genetically-modified.† Rice milk and almond milk are too thin.† Iíve even made it with cooked and blended navy beans and water but the taste isnít my favorite.† Coconut and soy milk yogurt taste delicious though.† If you use canned coconut milk, be sure to mix it thoroughly first to blend the coconut water and the milk together.† When canned coconut milk cultures, the yogurt rises to the top while the liquid drops below, making it a bit tricky to separate, but not impossible.


1 quart or Litre of organic soy milk or coconut milk

1 teaspoon of probiotic powder


Heat the soy or coconut milk to lukewarm or body temperature but not too hot or it will destroy the yogurt cultures.† Pour into a clean ceramic crock or bowl.

Add the probiotic powder and stir until dissolved.† Cover and set in a warm area for 6 to 10 hours depending on the temperature and your preference for thicker or thinner yogurt, or the level of tartness you prefer.† Longer times will produce thicker yogurt and increase the tartness.

Carefully remove the lid.† Due to the proliferation of probiotics, the ďmilkĒ should have separated into a thick yogurt and a thin liquid.† Pour off the thin liquid or scoop out the thick yogurt, depending on whether the thin liquid floats or drops to the bottom.

Enjoy the many health-rejuvenating properties of probiotics without the dairy, excessive amounts of sugar, and higher price tag of commercial yogurt (most of which donít actually contain ďliveĒ cultures).† Dairy-free yogurt is excellent with berries, peaches, sprinkled with raw walnuts and drizzled with honey, in a smoothie, or with lemon juice and a little grated onion and cucumber (tzatziki).

NOTE:†† If youíre using soy milk, choose certified organic only.† Many people find that fermented soy like this dairy-free yogurt is much easier to tolerate than non-fermented products.

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Gerald L.
Gerald L.11 months ago

Be careful buying a Probiotic powder if you have a dairy allergy, A store bought coconut yogurt i bought had some cow dairy component to it. The intestinal pain was over whelming. Come to in the hospital after an ambulance ride. When I checked on-line others had experienced the same problem

Elisa F.
Elisa F.1 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Robert O.
Robert O.1 years ago

Thanks Michelle.

Linda Wallace
Linda Wallace1 years ago

Good to know. Thanks for all the information from others too.

Jerilyn Capaccione

Has anyone recently tried to make this yogurt with Coconut Milk? The Coconut Milk I buy does have carageenan in but not the guar gum. I tried it before and it didn't set up even after setting up over night. Anyone try it again with success with the coconut milk?

Bernice Osterhout

all other recipes that i have seen for making home made yogurt call for cultures from other containers of already made yogurt and this recipe does not! please tell me the reason for this? and by comments above this recipe has not worked for anyone that commented--thus asking does this truly work, cuz i do not have the milk/money to waste if it does not, so PLEASE tell me if this truly works without using other already made yogurt to make it work?? thanks!!

Malgorzata Zmuda
Malgorzata Zmuda2 years ago

tylko skąd wziąć ten proszek probiotyczny, u nas nie spotkałam

Freddy Jones
Freddy Jones2 years ago

thank you for the share...

karen S.
karen s.2 years ago

I just tried this using Silk pure coconut milk & Centrum's probiotic.
It didn't work.
Any help?

Anne R.
Anne R.2 years ago

Cool, I am excited about this.. :) I use coconut milk for alot of things..never occured
to me I could make my own yogurt. Thanks for the recipe !!