Make Your Own Eco-Wreath

Hang a homemade and/or organic wreath. Evergreens are customary but lavender, bay, rosemary, and other herbs as well as twigs and dried flowers also make lovely decorations. Positively Green got the word on how to create a lovely eco-wreath from Joe Smith of Ilex for Flowers Inc. in Nashville.

1. Start with a 15″ Oasis foam ring. This is a ring that has a piece of water filled foam inside to keep your wreath living longer.
2. Build your wreath with rosemary, dusty miller and angel vine.
3. Hang your wreath through the holidays. As the foam dries, so will the herbs.
4. Once the herbs are dried, you can cook with the rosemary and use the dusty miller in potpourri.
5. If you want a wreath that you can plant once the holidays are over, use English Ivy instead of herbs.

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