Make Your Own No-Hardware Cabinet Pulls

For the DIY-inclined: a no-hardware-required leather drawer pull, spotted on the Swedish blog Fixa & Dona.

Photos by Hildur via Fixa & Dona.

Above: Fold the leather pull in half, and use a belt punch plier or scratch awl and add four holes.

Above: Thread a length of leather lacing (instead of a bolt) through the cabinet holes.

Above: Attach the pull by threading the black leather cord through the holes of the pull and cabinet and then double tie a knot.

Above: Leather Factory Round Lace is $15.01 from Amazon. Photo via Rio Grande.

Are you looking for more Leather Pull ideas? If so, check out 10 Easy Pieces: Leather Cabinet Hardware.



Prima B.
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I wouldn't use real leather but this is an excellent idea.
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Good idea!

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Ideal for a home with children or elderly

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