Making Lust Intelligent: Interview with Stanley Siegel


Bring intelligence to your sex drive with psychotherapist Stanley Siegel. He has evolved his understanding of the healing power of our sex drive over 35 years of practice. Learn how to understand your sexual desires as your brain’s effort to heal painful developmental experiences. Siegel explains how our fantasies connect to our brain’s subconscious efforts to find pleasure in our lingering painful histories. Our lust is intelligent when regarded in the context of our emotional wounds and life history and treating it with generosity and respect offers real healing.

Don’t miss this conversation — it will change everything you think about sexual fantasies and discover the healing passion waiting in your own life. Truly, deeply inspiring.

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Stanley Siegel is a psychotherapist in New York City and writes a weekly blog on sex for Psychology Today. He is an international lecturer and former director of education and senior faculty member of New York’s renowned Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy. He is the author of  “The Patient Who Cured His Therapist and Other Unconventional Stories” (Penguin 1992) and “Unchartered Lives: Understanding The Life Passages Of Gay Men” (Penguin 1994), and most recently “Your Brain on Sex.” He has appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” as well as many other television and radio programs across the nation, and is regularly quoted in the media, often described as the “therapist to the celebrities.”


David Ross
David Ross5 years ago

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heather g.
heather g.5 years ago

I normally enjoy Wendy's articles but didn't feel strong enough to listen to this show. I would have enjoyed listening to the guest, had he been allowed to more time to speak without being overwhelmed by Wendy

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W.5 years ago


Rita White
Rita White5 years ago


Karen Simons
Karen Simons5 years ago

Hoof! What wordy, difficult-to-grasp stuff! I am reminded of back in the late 60s, early 70s, when this trype of speaking first began to be heard in many places. Coincidentally, or perhaps not, pot was a component also. Please melt all that down to something we can truly assimilate!

Faith Billingham
Faith Billingham5 years ago

great articles, thanks for sharing

Horsehockey Horace
Past Member 5 years ago

....if so, how come I feel more "animal" than "intelligent" during the act. Why do I seem to intellectually disappear at climax? Am I enjoying it too much? Gaaa! Just when I thought I had "it" right............!

Allelyah Always
Allelyah Always5 years ago

(cont 3 of 3)

The life of a hurricane looks for an opening, a slit and this is where it goes to blow and rain at a land fall. If you cap/seal openings, like with a blender, you get processed food, soup or slush inside areas. With integrating to blow you can understand to never cap openings. Some life, however, is caused to this experience because an area of life is being caused to be moved (metastasis) somewhere else. To have a nervous breakdown the brain is capped and you are caused to integrate with pieces of life or thought that is unacceptable until something necessary to be understood is understood. Pieces, be it ass or pieces of pie, are not peace and within the pieces life is understanding how to live by the TV set. What is whole seminal fluid? What is rain laid whole? There is something about immaculate conceptions that you can understand completely. I love you very much and this is unity orientation and it can be understood and experienced now by life able to be moved over to something in their environment that can be placed to a continuous rotation understood to infatuation.

Allelyah Always
Allelyah Always5 years ago

(Cont 2 of 3)

Everything that is caused to be interesting and placed to awareness can be understood completely and life understands when they know where knowledge comes from and use themselves doing activity that is currently existing as areas of activity that can be built upon. Life moving up and down and back and forth (like sine waves) is not activity life that can be built upon and this is life that will exist as what can be called “pure negative energy” or “nervous system information”. Any life making these movements is not understanding to it information that is able to be used (it is receiving bad growth/excess/waste) and is not participating in what it can continue to do that will be provided full and complete knowing. There is something about the dilapidated (relaxed, separated) life of seminal fluid, the information of a sneeze, and rain that you can understand together. This life is the life of entropy. It’s purpose is to communicate do something different and life always does anytime it is understood (given) to them. What do you and others do after you understand to have ejaculated? What do you and others do when you sneeze? What do you and others do when it begins to rain? There is a clockwise rotation that results in these expulsion, an eruption of unacceptable levels of pressure. There is something about orgasms that you can understand together with the rotation of hurricanes and blender blades...

Allelyah Always
Allelyah Always5 years ago

An existence is caused to love when it is life doing what it can continue to do. Love is caused to life at unity. Integration is not unity. Partial images exist causing drive and understanding to life that is understanding integration. In unity there is not experience of drive and with that there is peace which is required in order to experience love. The capacity for love is the only way life participates in the placement of united knowledge pertaining to their activity places which are to be placed directly to the awareness of a given life.

Stanley is understanding his own unconscious process externally caused to present to him as "patients". Understand yourself whole and desire and demand yields to peace, love and eternal knowledge. With this, your awareness is caused to areas of life that are caused to continuous rotation (a perfect filter) and you no longer are caused to understand the seen and unseen life of changes in the environment.

To have an unconscious process is to have a part of a whole archetype (signs and not whole symbols) and to be understanding in a divided activity, not seeing understandings across activity places (sagacity/wisdom). To be in an activity vortex is to be moving into placement as nervous system information which understands nothing and is caused to "repeat theater" which some call reincarnation, however, that is not understood completely within divided religious understanding.