Meditation as a Survival Tool

I often ask my clients the following question: “Are you meditating?” or “How is your meditation going?” I do this because I know that meditation, along with the other work that we do together and that you pursue on your own, is the key that unlocks the door to peace of mind. Peace of mind allows for a life to be lived authentically. When we meditate we find that we are not the mind’s prisoner.

I consider meditation to be a tool for survival. Find out the benefits that meditation offers each one of us:

1. As your meditation deepens the distance between the mind and you widens. This distance allows for a deeper relaxation into the present moment and places you in charge of living. You realize that you are not your mind but rather that the mind is a tool to be used but doesn’t have to “run the show.” This is a relief!

2. Healing of old stories that the mind has kept you trapped within is possible. This happens because you are no longer the stories themselves, but the observer of them, and can choose to be some of them but not others. Meditation is a tool for survival, your survival beyond the tyranny of the mind. Once the key has been turned and the doorway to freedom opened other realizations are possible. These realizations are about yourself and the world and could not be perceived before.

3. Resistance to meditation is a product of the ego–an ego/mind that is afraid of change, that becomes anxious when the possibility of change is recognized. So, it begins to tell stories. It tells you that you don’t have time to meditate, don’t know how to meditate, that meditation is a waste of time, that you don’t know anyone else who meditates, that a friend of yours meditated for a while and they seen the same to you, that . . . Don’t let the mind get away with these stories. Tell the mind, “never mind”!

“When you meditate you discover over and over again that you are not a prisoner of your mind.”
–Andrew Cohen

By Ken Andert, Licensed Clinical Social Worker.


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As well as the routine gladly of daily prayer, for me music is another way to pray!

Bill D.
Bill D.4 years ago

When we realize that God is Light, ecstatic and all knowing light within us, we then turn within for direction. God will save you much frustration in life when you use meditation into all knowing universal self. My new carreer was given to me while in meditation. Thank you. Bill Dugger