Meet an Orchestra That Plays Music With Trash (Video)

Outside of Paraguay’s capital city Asuncion, many residents of a nearby slum, Cateura, make their living recycling trash from a landfill. Nicolas Gomez, a “recycler,” started turning that trash into instruments — and transforming other residents’ lives in the process. The music they generated led the creation of The Landfill Harmonic. Watch their inspiring story above, and don’t miss Juan’s amazing performance of Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 at the one minute mark.

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Panchali Yapa
Panchali Yapa2 years ago

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Jav R.
Jav R3 years ago

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Sheila D.
GGmaSheila D3 years ago

Music to soothe the savage beast - lovely music and nice story . Gives me hope for the planet yet. Too bad most people would rather throw away things, like instruments, rather than get them fixed. There used to be fix-it shops all over when I was young. Now it's almost impossible to find someone who can fix a favorite pair of shoes or repair the clock given to me by my sons years ago.

Roxana Saez
Roxana Saez3 years ago

This touched my heart. Thank you for sharing.

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