My Kinda Church: Introducing Soulful Sundays

Growing up, I was forced to go to a church I never liked. The scripture felt foreign. The people didn’t speak my language. The grape juice at communion tasted off. I didn’t feel God in me.  The sermons caused me to tune out.  I got bored. I wrote stories on the backs of offering envelopes. And as soon as I went to college and had a say over what happened on Sundays, I stopped going to church.

Since then, I have found my way back to a deeply spiritual life, but now, I get there in my own way, with my own people, and my connection to the Divine rarely happens on Sundays.

Nevertheless, Sundays are still special days of rest – commitment to family, loving connection, and me time, which is why I was so delighted when Owning Pink’s editor-in-pink Melanie Bates started curating a series of Sunday blog posts she calls “Soulful Sundays.”

What Are Soulful Sundays?

According to Melanie, “Soulful Sunday is pause. Reflect. Go to your chapel inside. Work on the temple that is you. You don’t need to eat bread to forgive yourself and others. Fill your own cup.”

To me, Soulful Sundays are a chance to open radically, to grow, to love bigger, to surrender more fully, to trust more completely, to release from fear’s clutches, to have faith, not just in a Higher Power, but in yourself and your capacity to be a healing force in the world.

Last week, Spirit Junkie Gabrielle Bernstein shared a Vlog about how relationships are all assignments. The Sunday before featured my post about the insane pressure to conform. This Sunday features the full-of-awesome Danielle LaPorte – Devote To Done. Decide To Rise, about how sometimes you have to do whatever it takes, not out of obligation, but because you’re ready to expand.

So make sure you check in on Sundays and visit Owning Pink’s version of church for inspiration, soul-discovery, community, and connection.  When you connect to the Divine within, you channel love in all that you are and, as a result, the whole world is blessed.

To further tap into the divine within you, sign up for the Daily Flame, messages from your Inner Pilot Light.

Whether your church is a chapel with a steeple, a synagogue, a Buddhist temple, a walk in the forest, or a visit to Owning Pink, I hope you take the time at least once a week to connect to the Source of something deeper, more meaningful, and infinitely powerful in your life.

What’s Your Church?

What makes you feel connected to Spirit? Tell us what works for you.

Soulfully yours,


Lissa Rankin, MD: Founder of OwningPink.comPink Medicine Revolutionarymotivational speaker, and author of What’s Up Down There? Questions You’d Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend and Encaustic Art: The Complete Guide To Creating Fine Art With Wax.

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Emma S.
Emma S.4 years ago

Thank you, Lissa. I'm mostly teaching youth theatre on Sundays but will try to remember to take a bit of time to be soulful! I once read a book on candle magic that suggested you lit a sunny coloured candle on Sundays and winked at the sun! (Although I live in Britain, so have to wink at where I imagine the sun must be behind the clouds...)

K s Goh
KS Goh4 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Chris W.
Chris W.4 years ago

Ainsley - So brief but so beautifully said it could not be bettered - if there was another way, there would have been no need for Jesus to die on the cross and rise again, in so doing paying for our sin and defeating death!

Ainsley Chalmers
Ainsley Chalmers4 years ago

i became a christian in my 40th year. the Christian message is simple. admit that you have a sinful nature,repent to God of it and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life . As you come to maturity in your walk with Jesus, you come to realize that He is the way truth way and life. there is no other way.,

Carol Mac
Carol m.4 years ago

Chris W. I would like to talk to you further on the teaching of hell fire and why it is not biblical, if you would like , and you can tell me why it is.

Chris W.
Chris W.4 years ago

Mary B - I bow to your "superior" being - NOT!!! Once again you resort to talking mumbo jumbo. I agree this conversation is finished, just let's get one thing straight, I NEVER once wished, thought, prayed or hoped that you would go to Hell - just made it clear that that is the path you are on! That is not a hateful act but rather it is a loving one - if you saw a child in imminent danger would you not LOUDLY tell him or her? Would that be hateful? - No, I think quite the opposite! The same goes for the warnings I give you - they are LOVING.

Carol Mac
Carol m.4 years ago

Mary B. Your right , many are going hungry ,losing their homes, sickness` getting killed in war and suffering because they have lost everything in the earthquakes ,tornados , while people stand back and blame God. but the answeres lie in the scriptures , and what God is going to do about this ,How can this book be so loved and yet so hated? Many have tried to distroy it , but why has it survived? Why is it`s message so important to you? the key to it`s survial lies in a force greater than human love.The simple reason for the survival of the bible is that all those that contributed to the writtings that make up the bible wrote under inspiration by God..... Jesus , in prayer to his heavenly father said " your word is truth" the bible answeres all our questions , even these fundamental questions....Like ..why are we here? ....why is there so much suffering ?...where the dead.?...where is mandkind going ?Bible prophecy explains the meaning of world conditions. The bible fortold these conditions long ago . it explains their meaning and what their outcome will be. 2 tim. 3:1-5 luke 21:25-31 It tells us what we must do to survive the impending world distruction, with the opertunity to gain eternal life under righteous conditions here on earth. John 17:3 I hope this is helpful to you Mary.

Mary B.
Mary B.4 years ago

Chris, excuse me, I didn't realize that you would mistake simple phychology for a big essoteric Truth. A belief, whether accurate or not is what people act on.This not not some outrageous concept.I also didn't think anyone would need a glossory to understand what I was talking about. A 'mental thought construct' is an IDEA.Mechanics of consciousness is the way a mind works. And the fact that I chose not to frame my spirituality with any religian should not be a threat to you.But since all of that is the case, I will gladly agree that I do indeed have superior understanding, so get used to it.
I am not interested in your preaching or your personal beliefs. You bore me, and you have no credabilty as a 'real fallower of Christ' when you can hope I'll go to hell and then turn around and claim that nothing you said was hateful. This conversation is over!

Chris W.
Chris W.4 years ago

Mary B your reply to Carol M is just pseudo-intellectualised clap trap - I'm sorry to be so blunt but you can wrap up your argument in phrases like "I simply do not choose to frame my personal spiritual impulse thru any religion"; "mechanics of consciousness"; "a mental thought construct" or to imply that you have reached some higher understanding when you say such things as "Remember, I said I'd been there, done that?" or "to hopefully get people to understand the difference between the 'truth' they experience, relative to their belief, and a higher Absolute Trueth." Sadly, YOU are not the purveyor of any kind of "TRUTH" - you are deceived, you are a DECEIVER. But the real truth, for those out there who want it, is that there is a GOD, he has FULLY revealed himself in Jesus Christ, he is the sole purveyor of THE TRUTH, he has had it accurately recorded in the Bible - HIS WORD. Jesus died and rose again to save us from ourselves, he alone is THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE. This has been lived out and demonstrated to be true by men and women for some 2000 years. I'm clearly not talking here of religion or church but of individual lives lived in in this truth. God even loves you and me so much that we are free to choose to follow another way - he allows you to choose to reject him and believe in your own deception but that don't make you right! As for me, I choose that truth and as for Carol M, the prospect of eternal loss, rather than eternal LIFE sounds hellish to me!

Mary B.
Mary B.4 years ago

Carol M., I appreciate your input, but really, I do know that. Remember, I said I'd been there, done that? I'm not an athiest. I have explored many religious viewpoints, and I simply do not choose to frame my personal spiritual impulse thru any religan.You people are still argueing about what various scriptures mean. I'm talking about the mechanics of consciousness. As in, the types of beliefs and why they appeal to different people. You can argue over scriptures for the rest of your lives,untill you decide what they mean to you personally and then live your life by them, they remain a mental thought construct that can never be proven. Yet people will die for a belief! Or send someone else to defend it for them.People will argue economic theories that aren't based on the way things work in real life while families are going hungry and loseing their homes. I'm sick of all of it. It's time to do better and put the real needs of people above the theories whether they be religious, economic or political.