Natural Nail Whitener

If you use your hands a lot, as we do, the nails can get dull and discolored pretty fast. It’s enough to make you want to hide them behind your back! But all you need is one great ingredient to make your nails look clean and white again.

Have whiter, healthier-looking nails the fast and easy way. Find out the simple secret here:

Hydrogen peroxide is a natural whitener. Just get some 3 percent hydrogen peroxide (your local pharmacy should carry it), soak a cotton ball with it, and then rub it on your nails.

By Annie B. Bond


Judy Apelis
Judy Apelis1 years ago

Many thanks!

Joy S.
Joy s.1 years ago

After working in the garden and lawn, picking berries, etc., this is a good thing to know as my nails are stained. Thanks

Chris C.
Chris C.1 years ago

Will try! I also use bag balm on them.

Emma S.
Emma S.1 years ago

I wonder if lemon juice might be less fierce.

Alicia N.
Alicia N.1 years ago


Fi T.
Fi T.1 years ago

Beautify our body and our environment

Jana DiCarlo
Jana DiCarlo1 years ago

useful, but is drying

sharyn w.
sharyn w.2 years ago

Works very well on toenails as well if used twice daily until desired you have desired whitening effect. If this fails go to beauty supply store and by peroxide lotion/cream for hair in lowest concentration and use very small eyeliner brush to apply to toe nails or very dark fingernails. Hope this helps those with very discolored nails.

Cherry M.
Cherry M.2 years ago

I have tried bleach to whiten my nails, it works but is so harsh and drying. I will try this as soon as I remove my polish. Thanks for the tips!

Charmaine C.
Charmaine C.2 years ago

Is that application on the whole nail, the nail tips or underneath long nails? Thanks for the article.