Natural Supplements for Depression

Not so fast. Just because you’ve been diagnosed with depression doesn’t mean you have to pop an antidepressant. You’ve got options, like an array of natural supplements.

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Danuta Watola
Danuta Watola2 years ago

Thank you for posting this article.

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen2 years ago

Thank you :)

Camilla Vaga
Camilla Vaga2 years ago


Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton2 years ago

Thanks for the info.

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen2 years ago

Thank you :)

Laura Saxon
Past Member 2 years ago

I'll stick with my Zoloft.

Fiona T.
Fi T.2 years ago

The nature has already given us what we need

Lindsay Kemp
Lindsay Kemp3 years ago

Not taking anything without the advice of your doctor is good. Just because something occurs naturally, doesn't mean it combines well in tablet form with other medication.

Paul Blake ND
Paul Blake3 years ago

Many essential nutrients can fix a psychological problem that is in your head?

The key word here is, “essential,” it means something that is vital in order for you to function normally as a human being. For instance, without vitamins B1, B3 and C you will die because they are essential ingredient(s) in order for you to even live. Without B1 you will get the deadly disease Beriberi, without B3 Pellagra and without C of course Scurvy. And these three are doubly essential because your body cannot create them. And enough of each must be brought into your body in the food you eat to live normally and avoid numerous symptoms like Depression, Insomnia or Anxiety and physical problems like Heart Palpitations, Shooting/Burning Pains in the Feet, Chronic Fatigue, Rheumatoid Arthritis even dry skin and hair.

"Patients are rarely given vitamin supplements. Most physicians are simply unaware of the problem. Subclinical deficiencies of vitamin C and D have each been linked to psychological abnormalities, so we examined that aspect in our clinical trial," added Dr. Hoffer

” Vitamin B3: Deficiency Symptoms, Newsmax, Wednesday 02/23/11”
Foods, Fortificants, and Supplements: Where Do Americans Get Their Nutrients?,
Victor L. Fulgoni, Debra R. Keast, Regan L. Bailey, Johanna Dwyer, American Society for Nutrition, The Journal of Nutrition, October, 2011

Patricia H.
Patricia H.3 years ago

thanks for sharing