Natural Ways to Banish Kitchen Odors

All of us at Remodelista love to cook and entertain. Here are a few ideas on setting the scene aromatically for your guests (and naturally ridding unwanted odors before they arrive).

Above: A technique favored by Christine, Meredith, and Julie: Run citrus peels through the sink disposal to banish odors with a fresh citrus scent.

Above: Francesca greets her guests with a pretty vase filled with soft green gray eucalyptus and a scented candle strategically placed by the front door for an aromatic entry. Whole Blossoms sells Seeded Eucalyptus by the bunch, starting at $8. We think a eucalyptus chandelier would work just as well.

Above: Julie relies on a stash of rosemary in the garden for instant tabletop aroma. She also adds a couple of sprigs to the bottom of the trash can before placing in the bag—an effective odor killer. Another trick: incense from Juniper Ridge; Douglas Fir is a favorite (it’s especially useful for masking fish odors). Photograph from Gourmandistan.

Above: Alexa likes to throw a vanilla bean and a bay leaf into a stock pot of boiling water (good for neutralizing odors). Premium Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans; $11.49 for a pack of 16 from Amazon. Photograph from Eating Rules.

Lastly, Stacey uses a high-grade essential geranium oil for cleaning, but also likes to add several drops to a pot of lightly boiling water. She lets it simmer for 20 minutes until the steam zaps any cooking odors (especially effective after grilling fish). The Aura Cacia Geranium Essential Oil is $8.05 for a 0.5 ounce bottle.

What are we missing? If you have any natural ways to rid your home of owners, please let us know in the comments section below.

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Danuta Watola
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Thank you for sharing.

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Latoya Brookins4 years ago

Thanks for this. I love natural things to do. I hate chemicals.

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Remodelista .......... ..... OWNERS ?!?!?!?!
Thank you for the BONUS laugh in the text !!!! I just love that "typo" !!!!

Seriously, thank you for the article and some really good tips - only one other I can think of, for the moment ..... the smell of diesel (maybe on hubby's hands ?) quickly disappears with ginger (available in atomiser form at chemists here, but don't know about USA) !!!!

Jacquelene S.
Jacquelene S4 years ago

...have the smell of onions and/or garlic on your hands? rub you hands over the sides of your stainless steel sink....the onion/garlic smell will be gone!

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Love the eucalyptus idea!

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