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Nature & Wildlife

Harry the Duck & His Kittens (Video)

Cue the cheesy music. We have a father-of-the-year duck dad playing parent to the littlest kittens ever. Harry the duck dad is knocking fatherhood out of the park! Related Shark-Cat Follows Duck…


It’s April: What to do in the Garden

Welcome to Spring! And April... a month full of gardening to-dos. It's a great month for planting just about everything, including trees (Arbor Day is Friday, April 24th this year) and woody sh…


Protect People From Bears Without Killing The Bears

About 3,000 bears live in the state of Florida. When they get hungry, they do what all animals do: they look for the easiest-to-find, most accessible food. In†some cases,†that seems to be people's tra…


New Documentary Exposes USDA’s Secret War on Animals

USDA Wildlife Services is an agency whose mission is "to resolve wildlife conflicts to allow people and wildlife to coexist." But according to a group of whistleblowers in the new award-winning do…


Why We Should Celebrate Wetlands on World Water Day

World Water Day, celebrated every March 22nd, encourages citizens around the world to celebrate water and calls for collective learning and action on water-related issues. With Canada being home to on…


How to Dye Easter Eggs, Naturally

It's almost Easter weekend, which means it's time for Easter egg hunting! One of my favorite Easter activities as a child and as an adult is dyeing Easter eggs, a fun holiday craft project the whole f…


7 Of the Most Picturesque Places On Earth

We've all had that moment: when you find yourself in a stunningly gorgeous place, and you just can't seem to think about anything else. From rainbow-colored rivers to scenic cliff sides, read on for s…


Daily Cute: Orphaned Sea Otter Sees Adoptive Aquarium for the First Time

It's a big day when this orphaned sea otter pup glimpses his new home for the very first time. Watch a very tiny and fluffy otter get used to a whole new world. Related 5 Facts You Didn't Know A…


6 Ways to Travel Healthier

Itís that time of year ó the end of winter, the awkward transitional period when everything is muddy and lukewarm. It can make anyone seek warmer climes. If you are trying to incorporate some more tra…


Join This Care2 Member to Help Protect British Seahorses from Yachts

Seahorses are among the most amazing, mystical creatures on our planet. They're also increasingly in danger. †The traditional Chinese medicine trade takes in excess of 150 million seahorses a year fro…


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I agree with Brian M. that these have a carbon footprint that outweighs any claims to "wholesomeness…

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i plant a butterfly and bees wild flower bed every year. it has all the plants they need to thrive.…

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