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Care2 Member Calls on EPA to Protect Endangered Animals from Pesticides

More than one billion pounds of pesticides are sprayed in North America every year. Many have been linked to cancer and other negative health impacts. But what about the animals? The same chemicals th…


Fox Cub with Can Stuck on Head is Rescued (Video)

This video brings to our attention how sad one piece of litter can be for wildlife. The aluminum can is not just on this fox cub's head, it's wedged so far that only a pair of scissors can save the …


Mobile Home Residents Ordered to Kill Feral Cats with Anti-Freeze

A large population of feral cats have been a problem in a Missouri mobile home park. Some residents feed the cats. Others want them dead. Residents of the park received a letter stating that any re…


Drunk Moose May Be A Myth

Hold those "Elkaholic" jokes: Every autumn, Swedish moose start doing things like falling in swimming pools and getting stuck in apple trees, supposedly after getting drunk on fermented apples, but ex…


Half the World’s Animals Have Disappeared Since 1970

A disturbing new report from World Wildlife Fund (WWF) shows that more than half of the world's animals have disappeared in the last 40 years. From lions, tigers and elephants to flamingoes and doves …


He Rescued a Baby Swan. The Price? An Angry Mom (Video)

Swans have a reputation for being aggressive -- and dare we say it -- mean. This witty rescuer doesn't let that stop him from removing a cheeping baby cygnet from a chain link fence. Watch this funn…


Investing in the Hardest Working Body of Water in the World

Virtually everyone living in the United States has a vested interest in the viability of our coastal communities—they are home to a growing number of Americans, support our vast and mounting food and …


Drop Everything and Look at This Adorable Baby Hippo (Video)

Friends, drop everything! Take a break and look at this adorable baby hippo! Her name is Olivia and she's a teeny baby pygmy hippo, born at the Parken Zoo in Eskilstuna, Sweden in August. Don't fo…


10 Reasons to Avoid Bottled Water

Where do you get water for your family? Find out why the tap isn't so bad. 1. Bottled water is NO safer than tap water---in fact, it is LESS regulated. Bottled water can be sourced from virtually a…


Koalas: Even When They Fight, It’s Cute (Video)

Did you know koalas sounded like this? We didn't. We also learned that even koalas have the occasional lover's quarrel. Related Red Panda Loves Snow (Video) Top 10 Ways to Help Elephants 8 Fie…


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