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Tell Starbucks to Stop Supporting Genetically Modified Foods

Starbucks may need to rethink its membership and support of the Grocery Manufacturer's Association (GMA), one of the organizations currently suing the state of Vermont for its genetically-modified foo…


Clumsy Baby Elephants Learn the Hard Way (Video)

These tiny elephants are going through that awkward period. You know, the one where they're growing into the size of a truck, but with the stumpy legs of confused newborn. Watch these little ones le…


Hike and Rock Climb With Your Cat? Yes.

I once had a cat who loved to take short walks with me in our neighborhood and I have another cat now who enjoys visiting neighbors with me. A friend who adopted one of my past foster kitties, Morocco…


An STD Vaccine Could Save Koalas From Extinction

Thinking about factors that tend to cause animal extinction, from deforestation to climate change, the plight of the koala's might be a little more surprising. Among other problems, they're being thre…


Mama Earth Has A Nasty Fever And It Is Our Fault

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its final report this week and the prognosis for the patient - Mama Earth - is not good. The report explains quite straightforward…


Baby Penguin Robot Cuddles With Emperor Penguin Colony (Video)

Penguins can swim, slide, waddle and survive ice cold conditions. One thing they can't do? Figure out when a robot has infiltrated the group. Hopefully those leopard seals won't get any bright ideas…


Care2 Member Pleads: Restore B.C.’s Carbon ‘Sinks’

Trees are fabulous for many reasons. They provide places for birds and other animals to live. Through their extensive root networks, they hold on to the soil they're planted in and prevent erosion. Fo…


The Secret Behind YouTube’s Painting Elephants

To the tune of Simon and Garfunkel's "Sound of Silence," Sade the elephant paints herself. The brush strokes are a little clumsy, but the elephant form is unmistakable. When she needs a new color, her…


8 of the World’s Scariest Looking Animals

You probably wouldn't want to encounter any of these in the wild... If you're missing the goblins and ghouls of Halloween, take a look at these real-life monsters. We've compiled some of the most u…


Warning: #BearSelfies Are A Dumb Idea

Just because someone owns a smart phone doesn't make them "smart." Could this be any more apparent than in Lake Tahoe, California, where a disturbingly stupid trend to rush toward wild bears in an eff…


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