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Nature & Wildlife

Daily Cute: Polar Bear Cubs’ First Time in the Snow

In honor of International Polar Bear Day, watch big mama and little baby polar bears see sunlight for the first time all winter. These magnificent creatures need our help to make sure winter stays…


Sorry, You Can’t Dump Your Coal Sludge on Critical Wetlands

Who in their right mind could think it is a good idea to dump dredge material from a coal port onto pristine wetlands that help protect some of the most valuable habitat in the entire world? Yet th…


Great News: Amur Leopard Population Doubles

My 10-year-old daughter did a school report on Amur leopards a few years ago and ever since then, this stunningly gorgeous cat has been her favorite animal. But with her love and admiration for this b…


Hold Monsanto Responsible for Killing Monarch Butterflies

Economics 101 taught us about "negative externalities" -- a negative output that affects others who did not participate in creating the outcome. A textbook example of a negative externality? Monsanto …


How to Make Sense of Sustainable Coffee Labels

Based on the lines outside Starbucks and Caribou Coffee alone, it seems like everyone in the U.S. loves coffee. A 2013 study found that an average of 85 percent of the U.S. population has at least …


Mama Pig Miraculously Lives to Care for Her 13 Newborn Piglets (Video)

When Emma arrived at Apricot Lane Farms, she was very sickly, underweight and pregant. It was a wonder 13 healthy piglets survived out of the 16 Emma was pregnant with. No one knew if Emma was going…


How Our Couches Are Hurting Bald Eagles

Flame retardants that once were infused into couches and clothing are now contaminating the livers of bald eagles and other birds in the Great Lakes region. The flame retardants, known as PBDEs or …


8 Less-Famous Relatives of Your Favorite Animals

Why are some animals more famous than others?  Is it better PR? Are they cuter and more cuddly? Whatever the reason,  there are plenty of fascinating animal species out there that deserve recognition.…


Celebrate Valentine’s Day with 14 Pink Animals

Ah, pink. The color associated with the sweetness, softness, and romance may not be a color at all. Or at least according to some scientists who say that pink is not a real wavelength of light – what …


This is What’s Wrong With the Paleo Diet

Should we be looking at the caveman era to guide our food choices today? Going back to the way our ancestors ate over 10,000 years ago (before agriculture) will bring us optimal health--at least th…


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