Navigating a Toxic World with Environmental Rock Star Ken Cook

Yes, we’ve been talking a lot about the minefield of toxins in our every day world. From carcinogenic flame retardants in our furniture to toxins invading our sex life, it is pretty much impossible to avoid exposure on some level. But we are all about helping folks minimize exposure to dangerous chemicals — some which we know a lot about (like asbestos), many we are just learning more about (like BPA), and even more that we don’t know about yet.

There are great resources out there raising awareness about the dangerous chemicals that we encounter on a daily basis. Films like Unacceptable Levels are eye-opening and important to help us comprehend the impact of the toxins in our world, on our health and the environment.

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It would be easy to get overwhelmed and depressed trying to understand and retain all the details of what should be in our products and what probably shouldn’t be — especially when what shouldn’t be tends to be almost impossible to pronounce let alone remember when it comes time to look at labels!

This is where Ken Cook and Environmental Working Group come in … phew! Mr. Cook is on a mission to help identify and understand the many thousands of chemicals being used to create everything from food to furniture, how these chemicals may interact with each other, but more importantly how they impact our environment and ultimately our health.

Ken Cook founded Environmental Working Group (EWG) to provide credible and relevant research on chemicals being widely used in manufacturing as it seems the EPA and other governmental agencies do not support or conduct much research as it turns out. So, EWG offers well-researched consumer guides on literally thousands of products from cosmetics to cleaning products, food and much more. It is an amazing resource for anyone who wants to know about chemicals used in products or what the latest interpretation of the Farm Bill is.

Mr. Cook is a tireless advocate for updated legislation that will create a stronger safety net for the public from the nearly overwhelming amount of unregulated toxins being used in all manufacturing sectors. We hope you’ll listen to this great podcast and our excellent interview with Ken Cook. We love him and have dubbed him an environmental rock star.


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