Neighbor Trapping Pet Cats and Releasing Them Elsewhere

In Oklahoma City, there is one cat hater who is making his Edgemere Park neighbors very, very angry, according to a local news report from KFOR. The neighbor (who is unnamed in the report) is trapping cats who wander onto his property, removing their collars and then releasing them over an hour away. A handful of neighborhood cats have gone missing and the distraught pet owners are blaming this pet-trapper for their disappearances.

The homeowner openly admits to trapping the cats saying that his neighbors, “do not confine their cats and they come onto his property.” According to KFOR report, in the police report the neighbor said he was just, “trapping nuisance animals that go under his house and damage it.”

Neighbor Beth McGraw is devastated that her cat is one of the missing cats.  She has been posting fliers hoping to find her beloved pet as well as warn other neighbors about this mean-spirited cat-trapper.

Wendy and Michael Mills are also missing their marmalade cat, Simpson. “He is usually out in the driveway or out in the yard and comes in every couple hours or so for a snack,” said Wendy Mills about Simpson. But as of last month, his whereabouts are unknown and he has not been seen. The couple has been looking every day since he disappeared to no avail.

The Mills said they talked to the cat-trapping homeowner about Simpson. They say that he admitted to trapping their orange cat, removing his red collar, then dumping him off in an undisclosed area over an hour away.

Michael is crushed, “I just hate to think that he’s out there suffering some place.”

Michael then added, ”I realize there is a feral cat problem in the city but cats with collars, you know they belong to somebody.”

Beth McGraw sees only one solution to the problem and that is the cat-trapper move: “The only solution I see is that he is out of the neighborhood, because we’re always going to have animals in this neighborhood.”

This story does beg the question of what are the rights of property owners vs. pet owners? What do you think?



Alan Perez
Alan Perez10 months ago

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Nicholass Scott
Nicholass Scott12 months ago

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Maria M.
Maria M.12 months ago

Okay...perhaps this is not the solution to the problem but I have been dealing with a neighbor for over 2 years now on roaming cats that are left outdoors year round. I own a home in an affluent town home community and worked hard to get here. I own a convertible their one cat is on it every night and at some point decided to start using it as a scratching post. I've gone through 2 car covers after their cat urinated on the first one, if I don't cover it I come out to paw marks everywhere and cat hair, I ever have deep scratches in the roof of my car again a rag top. Yes I've spoken to the neighbors, they don't care and tensions are definitely rising. They let their dogs run without leashes too and I also had to get rid of my outdoor pond because of their cats. So, my question is why is it that the cats deserve more rights than I do, why is it that I have to deal with their cats?

Adam Russell
Adam Russellabout a year ago

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Richard L.
Richard L.about a year ago

Half my story was cut off by some word limit. There's a million more detail. In short, the church had been taking our cats and dumping them in a wild life reserve full of predator, where a domestic cat wouldn't survive.

Richard L.
Richard L.about a year ago

Here in Caldwell, Idaho, my cat and one of my best friends, King George was trapped by a cat trapper, him along with 14 other cats on our block. It started about 6 years ago. One cat after another went missing. It seemed like an inordinate number of missing cats. I suspected a trapper but couldn't be sure. For awhile I thought that maybe we had a problem with hawks, owls, or coyotes. Then on the last week of March of this year, 5 cats went missing at once. I searched, questioned everyone. It was when I went outside the block that there were no reports of missing cats. All the missing cat were within a 100 yard radius of my house. Once again I wasted several days exploring the predator, hawk, coyote, theory. There would have been evidence of violence. I knew then that it had to be a cat trapper. I thought to my myself, what if the person who took these cats is the same person who took all the other cats over the past few years. I thought, who was on the block in five years ago when the cat disappearances started and is still living on the block today. Myself, The Korean Veteran, The rock cutting company, and The Renewed Life Church. I soon found out, as I was getting to know everyone on the block, that the disabled veteran had his 15 year old cat, Kitty, go missing at the same time as the others, making it 6 cat missing. I put a lot of pressure on the rock company. I drove those people nuts, taking them pictures of the cats and questioning their employees.

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Michelle G
Michelle Goebel1 years ago

What he did is inhumane, very cruel and possibly illegal. Check into the illegal part. However, in my opinion all cat should stay in the house or a screened in patio. Once you let them out, they want to wander all the time. Cats should not be allow outside on their own, they can get hit by a car. It happened to one of my Mom's beloved cats and she keeps all cats indoors.