Healthy Combination of the Paleo & Mediterranean Diets

You may know of Holistic Nutrition Consultant Caitlin Weeks through her blog Grass Fed Girl. There, she shares recipes, health and nutrition advice, and fitness suggestions supporting the Paleo†lifestyle. Now Weeks is looking to expand her promotion of †better health through a cookbook she and her husband, Chef Nabil†Bourmar, wrote together. The cookbook will feature recipes that combine the health benefits of the Paleo and Mediterranean diets.

“We thought of the cookbook because my husband is a Mediterranean Chef†and I’m a Whole foods Nutritionist,” Weeks said. “We started combining†the ideas of each in the kitchen, over dinner, and loved the results.”†Combining Paleo and Mediterranean cuisines was easier than one might think. The Paleo diet is based on the idea that people were healthier before they began consuming agricultural products like grains and legumes, and lived a hunter/gatherer lifestyle. Mediterranean diets are full of wild fish, olive oil, raw dairy, nuts, seeds and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Mediterranean Paleo cooking is a good option†for people with food sensitivities, especially those with corn, wheat,†soy or dairy allergies.

Weeks’ background in the Paleo diet and Bourmar’s experience as a†Mediterranean chef came together when the two taught a cooking class†for patrons who were extremely enthusiastic about food. Weeks and†Bourmar decided they wanted to do more to reach out to people who†loved good, and good-for-you, food. The pair then visited Bourmar’s†home country and fell in love with the idea of bringing the recipes to†home cooks who were also healthy living enthusiasts.

The cookbook, set to be released in late July, contains recipes for†all kinds of meals including an assortment of breakfast options like grain-free crepes and pomegranate smoothies. Healthy snacks and†appetizers are also featured in the book, along with a section of antioxidant-rich salads featuring homemade olive oil dressings. “I wanted to share this with everyone, especially all my followers from†Grass Fed Girl,” Weeks said. “I’ve loved helping people live the Paleo†lifestyle and I hope this brings new flavors and ideas into their meals.”


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I'm happy with my way of eating.... That's not to say that I' happy with how no foods seem to be natural and nutritious anymore.

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What little I've heard about the Paleo diet makes it sound like Atkins in a primitive fur coat. It's not really for me, but I guess if it works for other people, follow your fish. That said, how "paleo" is Paleo? This is pre-domestication, right? Is beef allowed? Domestic pigs? Many meats (and plant based foods allowed on the program, like greens and so forth) have been bred over just a few thousand years and even in some cases just a few hundred (or a few decades) to get the forms you see in the supermarket today.