Nina Simons: New Frontiers of Leadership

Explore the new frontiers of† a sustainable future with Nina Simons. Nina is a long time social entrepreneur and co-founder of the Bioneers, an annual convention of the nationís brightest minds in pursuit of global social justice and environmental sustainability.†† As co-CEO, she has helped lead the organization through twenty-one years of identifying, gathering and disseminating breakthrough solutions for people and planet. In addition, also coordinates women leadership conferences and has recently edited her anthology book, Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the Heart, which contains 30 essays by over 40 contributors, who collectively help to† redefine the leadership landscape.

Her† persistent work of gathering the brightest minds and presenting breakthrough solutions for a more socially just and environmentally sound world is a form of† love in action.† Enjoy her clarity, passion and joy about her sense of† privilege she has while working towards a better world.

Just listening will both inspire and motivate you to action.

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All articles on sustainable green living are appreciated.

Julie F.
Julie F.5 years ago

I'm really interested in checking out that book!

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Could we get one of these Bioneers to write articles on green living for Care2? This forum could educate so many people, but the science reporting is often misleading and alarmist.

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Hello from Sweet Home, Wendy! Was Christmas shopping in Eugene, my very favorite Oregon city, just the other day. You should set up shop at the next Oregon Jamboree here. It would be wonderful to enlighten many of the people who come.