Nine Questions to Change Your Life

These nine thought-provoking questions can help us to assess how healthy our lifestyle is. After all, most of us attempt to create lives lived in balance–with the earth and its resources, and with the non-material aspects of living, as well.

Do you live a life in balance? Are you satisfied with your life? Answer the nine yes-or-no questions and find out:

1. Do I take time for art, poetry, music, dance, or other creative expressions?


2. Am I fair in my relations with other species and other people?

3. Is my life free enough so that I feel chronically unstressed?

4. Am I able to make choices about my life?


5. Do I take full responsibility for the implications of my actions?


6. Is there laughter and fun in my life?


7. Do I take time to care about others? Do I feel cared for?

8. Is there a spark of adventure in my life?

9. Do I take time to explore whatever unseen, spiritual realms call to me?

Adapted from Radical Simplicity, by Jim Merkel (New Society Publishers, 2003). Copyright (c) 2003 by Jim Merkel. Reprinted by permission of New Society Publishers.
Adapted from Radical Simplicity, by Jim Merkel (New Society Publishers, 2003).


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