Not-for-Profit Restaurant Inspires Naked Juice

Libby and Brady Birky devoted countless hours to soup kitchens before quitting their day jobs to open Same Cafe, the first non-profit restaurant in Denver. Their menu consists of fresh organic ingredients from local farms and is prepped by a volunteer kitchen. The mission is making healthy food available for all. Patrons give what they can afford or volunteer their time in the kitchen. They are able to feed hundreds of people healthy meals every day. It’s a full time job for a stronger community.

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Sue Matheson
Sue Matheson2 years ago


Shanti S.
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da c.
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Libby and Brady Birky are amazing people doing great work in their community!

Spencer Young
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Spencer Young
Spencer Young2 years ago

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Pat P.
Pat P.2 years ago

I am not happy to hear about the issues with Naked Juice--didn't know it was a Pepsi product (doesn't say on the bottle). Their being pro GMO's stinks!
Coincidentally, I am drinking some of their expensive green smoothie, as I type.
This is really sad for me, since I have eating problems, and a prepared smoothie is convenient.
There is little out there for people who are ill, can't eat much and find it difficult to prepare healthy foods. Ensure and Boost, certainly, aren't good alternatives.

The only other brand that carries something similar in my grocery store is Bolthouse Farms. They have a very good tasting carrot juice and a green smoothie. Anyone know anything about their products?

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