Nude Hiking Trails?

In Germany, nude nature hiking has become something of a fad – albeit for a very select few. Nature hiking au natural is not likely to catch on with many. In fact, the president of a German naturists association said nude hikers are, “neurotics and psychopaths.” (Source:

An area near Dankerode is where the trails are and they were reported to be an instant hit – but with whom? Originally it was conceived of to draw new customers to a commercial campsite, but the site’s owner now wants those who are coming to the nudist trail to stay away, apparently because it might reduce the number of families visiting his property. Some nude hikers are also out and about in Switzerland, though the practice is under legislative review, and might be defined as a public nuisance, punishable by fine.  It appears in Germany and Switzerland it is mainly males who are hiking in the nude, although this could be incorrect. Hiking in this area for women would seem to be problematic, to say the least.

Nature has its defenses, such as poison oak and ivy, thorns, and prickly plants, so why hike nude? Some of the hikers said hiking with clothes is too constrictive and they like the freedom of going without garments. Nude hiking actually seems to be about exhibitionism, and puts the focus on people, rather than on nature, which defeats the point of being in the outdoors. Nude beaches seem much more sensible, as beach goers generally go there to sunbathe and may actually swim, not wearing much anyway.

Image Credit: Paulba (photograph not of Germany)

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donald Baumgartner

Sounds good to me !!!

Duane B.
.3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Sheri J.
Sheri J4 years ago

This is something you don't see in the US........

David Hansen
David Hansen4 years ago

God made us nude so isn't it ok to be nude. Get over it people. It ain't like we have seen it before.l

Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons4 years ago

I don't see a problem. The problem is people are a bunch of prudes and can't handle anything that is natural.

Ian B.
Ian Brown5 years ago

And here is a video 18 mins long of a days naturist hiking in the alps,see how other walkers are accepting of the naked hikers(male and female!)

Ian B.
Ian Brown5 years ago

Alpine naturist walking on you tube, see where the hikers explain the benefits ! I would love to join them in such beautiful surroundings!

Ian B.
Ian Brown5 years ago

There are quite a few groups of nude hikers/walkers mostly in European countries,see (NAKed and acTIVe!) and which is NOT about exhibitionism but enjoying nature as it was MEANT to be enjoyed,without the hindrance and constriction of clothing,although a sound pair of boots are adviseable!! I myself love communing with nature naturally and I do cover up if i see a "textile" walker approaching although we should all be accepting of each other to wear or not wear what we please, there is NO shame in the naturally unclothed body!
Of course I woudn't go walking in the snow naked but in the spring summer and autumn it's usually warm enough to just wear a smile,esp if you are hill walking,but protective clothing,map and 1st aid kit should always be available!
So take care and go bare!

colleen p.
colleen p5 years ago

sounds to dangerous to hike nude. we're not acclimated to do it without training for accidents like scrapes and falls. sure, people can be more careful and not dash into bushes and brambles, and push away branches.

Joy Jin
Joy Jin5 years ago

I'd be too self-conscious to do this, but why not let people do what they want? If they touch poison ivy, it's their own problem.