NYC Big Drink Ban a Step Closer to Passing

New York City’s Board of Heath signaled strong support Tuesday for the mayor’s plan to fight obesity by banning the sale of large, sugary beverages at city restaurants. Photo Credit: neomodernist via Flickr.

NYC Big Drink Ban a Step Closer to Passing  

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Veronique L.
Veronique L.3 years ago

Thank you for sharing; very interesting

Agustin Greif
Agustin Greif4 years ago

I see a lot of criticism to this ban in here. Even if there are other priorities, it's good that the government care about people's health. The ban brings attention to the negative effects of sodas and will probably diminish their consumption. Big drinks are often unnecessary and many people finish drinking them just to leave their glasses empty, I don't think many people will have to drink more than one small soda as some people point out.

John B.
John B.4 years ago

I honestly don't think it will help fight obesity. Thanks Chris for the video report.

Mac C.
mac C.4 years ago

No one should be drinking sodas, but I defend their right to do so. However, I think personally 16 oz and less is good enough. I would also compare a soda to nicotine in health terms, but again, not sure drinking a large soda should be banned by the city. No one else gets hurt when a person drinks a soda as they do when a person smokes. Thanks for the video.

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia4 years ago

People should have the right to choose to wreck their health. They should be banning the additives to meats and so forth, not how much liquid/food a person consumes. Just put as sign next to the machine telling people how much of everything is in the size cup by type of drink and let people decide.

Helen S.
Helen Silver4 years ago

I find it a bit ridiculous to ban everything that is bad for you. People know that a lot of sugar, or fats, or carbohydrates are bad for you, but when are people going to take responsabilty for themselves? If Coke and other soft drinks are banned in restaurants, then people will drink them at home. It's a bit different from cigarrets, as companies were putting chemicals into cigarrets to make them more addictive.

Sheri Schongold
Sheri Schongold4 years ago

I know there is a problem, but to ban large drinks at the restaurant isn't going to help. They will either buy 2 or they will go home and drink more. The government needs to put its priorities in order. If Congress/Governor of NY did that maybe there would be less crime, more jobs and life would be nicer and then people wouldn't need to drink themselves crazy/fat. The would have more to do and places to go and people to be with and then the drink wouldn't matter as much.

Hungarian Girl
Past Member 4 years ago

LESS government involvement in our lives, NOT more!

Hungarian Girl
Past Member 4 years ago

What a waste of time, money and resources! It's not like we have any more pressing matters to attend to! Our government is just perfect!

Anita A.
Anita A.4 years ago

Hey Bloomberg - How about banning aspartame and high fructose corn syrup instead of the size of drink people can buy? Both are scientifically, beyond a shadow of a doubt, proven to cause obesity.
If you or the FDA or Michelle Obama really cared or gave a hoot about the obesity problem, you all would be leading the charge to ban these toxic additives, and not just in soda.
But our glorious leaders cow-tow to corporate interests when obesity is KILLING PEOPLE, YOUNG AND OLD.
And another little interesting fact no one ever hears about is the highly addictive quality both
HFCS and aspartame impart on the human brain.
It's tragic... the obese of the world are just highly sensitive to these drugs (yes, I believe them literally to be drugs) and susceptible to their effects. It's planned marketing to get you to buy more... eat more.... drink more. It's pure evil and if you ask me, a slow kill is still murder!