Obliterating Odors: How-To Formulas

I am a firm believer that using air fresheners is a mistake. They mask
unhealthy odors that should be attended to (rotten fruit in the kitchen,
a leaking roof, a dog bed that should be cleaned), and the commercial products can be as
toxic as anything brought into the home.

One air freshener in my
grocery store is labeled, “This product is banned in California because
it causes cancer.”

Well, duh. But just last week I was faced with wanting an air
freshener. A mouse (mice?) had died in the wall, and the house assessor
was coming! This was one instance where I didn’t want a low assessment!
What is a girl to do? Find some safe odor busters!

Make your own simple, yet effective, air fresheners instead of buying toxic products!

Baking soda neutralizes acid odors, and vinegar neutralizes alkaline odors. You don’t need much more than these two ingredients to solve most odor problems. If one doesn’t work, try the other.

Make your own antibacterial essential oil sprays. These are versions of what Natural Food stores sell—brands that are often citrus or lime.

The mineral zeolite works to reduce odors. The mineral is available in bags that can be placed in closets and other places where the air gets stale.

Here is a spicy seasonal air freshener that not only works, but that provides you and your family and friends with a great hot drink.


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