Occupy Wall Street Protesters Pedal for Power

After six weeks of protests at Zuccotti Park in New York’s financial district, hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters are using eco-friendly systems to keep their temporary home clean and environmentally friendly.


Victoria Pitchford
Vicky P.4 years ago

yes, good for them, but a lot of governments are now removing them from the areas

Bryon S.
Bryon S.4 years ago

@ Msq Howard...Watch the movie Inside Job and you will learn what OWS is protesting against eg., Wall Street criminals, crooked banking practices, corporate greed and the politicians who support them all. After seeing this movie you will be angry as hell and support the protesters whole heartedly. No one is asking for handouts. They want accountability and fairness.

Shar F.
Sharon F.4 years ago

Kudos to the protestors! We ALL need to get involved, speak up, and work for candidates committed to keeping this good life for all citizens. [Just read an article that the incompetent US military has killed approx 175 children with drones, in Pakistan. Something else to protest.] Yikes.

Lynn C.
Lynn C.4 years ago

They're showing us how a real community works! I'm so awed by them and proud to be a supporter.

Lin Moy
Lin M4 years ago


Msq Howard
jo Howard4 years ago

So, what do these people want, what do they expect? Some of the money that the wealthy posses. Well wake up as they are not about to share in part or even think about sharing or parting with their money, let alone be more fair in their company businesses by allowing you to have more of their profits. ...And would you? I hardly think so! So, why not remove the tax loop holes, remove their special tax brakes, and special numerous other concessions that our government gives them. Yes, we have been pampering the way too long. So, stop that!

Msq Howard
jo Howard4 years ago

Truth is ... there is no real power without money, and lots of it!

Jane H.
Jane H.4 years ago

Good for them....I'm impressed!

Michael C.
Michael C.4 years ago

Sabastian James, those VietNam protests took years, can we afford to take such baby steps towards a rightful conclusion. The current regime and the powers that control them, the 1% are much stronger now and their ability to afflict international harm has also grown.

Recent events in the Middle East is evidence of their ability to do great harm, all for the sake of greater profits.

Here at home we have come to know the Homeland of Insecurity, I am sure that you have seen their newly released slogan, "Keeping America Safe from Freedom and Democracy for over 10 Years."

Let us take page from the peoples struggle in Egypt, their first step was to regain their voices. What was to follow was not at all like the Protests of the VietNam Era. Their struggle called upon the 99% to perform acts that were unthinkable just a month before.

Continued below:

Michael C.
Michael C.4 years ago

Continued from above:

The first stage of the Occupy movement is just as important, but there must be a next step...the question is, are the American people ready to regain their voice? This would be followed by a fight for to regain their freedoms, to form a new sense of democracy, one for all the people, not just the 1%.

I, for one, find it difficult to perceive an America where its citizens might possess such a strength, after all "debt has become to opiate of the masses" and we have a bad addiction.

Who of you are willing "to put it all on the line". Maybe it is too great a risk to our personal selves. Maybe all that you have lost to the 1% is not so bad after all.

Maybe life is as it should be and we are just asking for too much...the choice is yours. Have you regained your voice?