Odds of Finding Love At A Wedding (Infographic)

Weddings are filled to the brim with love. That, mixed with some tipsy singles, can make the date a prime spot for romantic connections. Check out how likely it is that you will meet someone at a wedding, and some “I dos” and “I dont’s” of hitting it off with a charming wedding guest!

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Finding Love at a Wedding
Finding Love at a Wedding via Weddington Way

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I met my beloved late wife at my uncle's wedding. We both were only seven-years-old then. She played the piano and I sung several (Chinese) folk songs during the reception. From then on we were like Siamese twins; two peas in a pot. Went to the same schools thru' to College 'till we graduated. After her passing at age 35, I vowed to remain single for the sake of our two sons.

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