Ohio Asked to Report Animal Problems

A new toll-free hotline and website, dangerouswildanimals.ohio.gov, have been established by Governor John R. Kasich’s Executive Order of October 21st to help protect the public and Ohio animals from dangerous conflict.

Most people are probably aware of what happened with all the exotic animals near Zanesville recently. Close to all the animals were killed, even though most of the big cats and bears had been declawed. The surviving six animals are under quarantine at the Columbus Zoo to make sure they are disease- and parasite-free before they are moved elsewhere.

While operating a toll-free hotline (855-DWA-OHIO) and maintaining a website may raise some  awareness, it probably doesn’t go far enough toward the kind of statewide policy changes required to actually change the fact too many people own exotic animals there in a manner that could be dangerous to people, and isn’t good for the animals.

Many calls had been made to authorities about problems with exotic animals at the Zanesville property prior to the disaster. Nothing was done at those moments, because law enforcement said there wasn’t anything for them to do. In other words, housing exotic animals – even a large number – was legal. So the crux of the issue was not  a lack of awareness of the existence of exotic animals, it was (and remains)  the fact they are allowed in the state at all.

On October 31st it was reported a ban on future purchases of exotic animals was introduced in the legislature as a bill, but no action had been taken. The bill would also ban persons convicted of animal neglect or abuse from owning dangerous exotic animals.

Image Credit: Kabir Bakie


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Natasha Salgado
natasha salgado3 years ago

We humans are a sad sack of potatoes....leave the wildlife alone!!

Konstantin Trubin

thank you

Penny C.
penny C.3 years ago

Owning wild animals should be against the law.

jorge t.
jorenrico torres3 years ago


Cheryl B.
Cheryl B.4 years ago

wild animals belong in the wild

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B.4 years ago

wild animals belong in the wild

Samantha James
Samantha O4 years ago

What?!?! Declawing an animal??? That's like pulling out all of someone's nails. That's terrible! I know an animal's claws can damage things or hurt people, but so can a human's nails (even though not as much).

I sent this as an email to someone that works with WWF when I was 13:
"My dad and I want to adopt a cub.
A baby tiger to be exact.
People say tigers are meant to live in the wild but isn't it alright if we like keep and take care of the lil tiger till it's much older cand can take care of itself then let it back out into the wild?"

Here's the person's reply to that:
"Adopting a baby tiger - I know, I know, the idea of raising a baby
tiger and then releasing it into the wild sounds very appealing. After
all, what could go wrong...?
The truth is, keeping wild tigers in the wild is the best solution for
all concerned. The tiger will grow up in the natural habitat it was
destined to, and you and your family won't have to deal with a moody
tiger that just might snap - with disasterous consequences.
Have a look at this webpage for more information on tigers. Did you
know that there are only 3,500 wild tigers left in the world? Their
numbers have plummeted by 97% over the last century:

A way you could help tigers is to donate to our Tiger Program (find
out more information on the Tiger page above), or you could
symbolically "adopt-a-tiger". Some WWF offices run a program where you
can "adopt"

Maria T C
Maria T.4 years ago

Wild animals + The wild = : )

Enough said...

Laurie H.
Laurie H.4 years ago

When will "Animal Rights," become law?? There's no rhyme or reason as to what's happening for them now. Thanks for the post~~~

Duane B.
.4 years ago

Thank you for the information.